18 years ago

Eighteen years ago, we started Knitting Today.  Some of the projects we knitted then still exist today. While I was looking through my mom’s photos for a graduation memory board, I stumbled across a photo we thought was lost. Yep, its my Baby Ull baby jumper.  Mom likes to tell the story of starting knitting it when I was born and finishing it eighteen months later when Haley was born.  It was her middle of the night knitting project.  She still loves to knit Fair Isle and now I do too!  Did you know we still carry Baby Ull?  We will have new pattern books and colors coming later!

1 thought on “18 years ago”

  1. I have admired the jumper for some time. It is a wonderful piece of knitting and to think that it was done while caring for small children… It is even cuter on. What a treasure.

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