Did I mention….

that I only work 2 days a week during the summer?  So when I said earlier that I would spend the next few posts updating you on what’s been happening lately I hope you didn’t take that to mean that these posts would be close together!  But seriously, would you rather I write about the things under my desk that I could be checking in, or would you rather I get them checked in?  Yeah, I thought so.  Plus, it’s been so long that I honestly cannot remember what it was I was going to share.  My brain seems to be melting like an ice cream cone in the hot summer sun.  Everything is all mushy and squishing together.

New Shepherd's Wool Colors!

 I have gotten the five new colors of Shepherd’s Wool that were revealed durning Lorna Miser’s visit (wasn’t that so much fun!!)  ready for purchase!  The colors are, from top to bottom, Harvest Wheat, Raspberry, Zinnia Pink, Frosty Blue, and Violet.  I’m thinking that the Harvest Wheat would be perfect for my next Noni bag.  I love the color but would look very, very, not good in it.  That’s what felted bags and slippers are for.  You may look like death warmed over in a sweater of a certain color, but you can get away with hanging it over your arm or sticking your feet in it, right?  My favorite color of them all is the Raspberry, although I must admit to waffling a bit between that and the Frosty Blue.  I wish there were a way to really let you see the color play in these new colorways.  They have such depth and you really cannot see that in a computer image.  If you’d like to have a look at the colors individually, click here.  Which one is your favorite?  What would you like to knit out of it? 

I worked with Tara yesterday and she is such a bad influence on me!  Not only did she let me know that there was still ice cream in the freezer but her Knit One, Crochet Too frenzy is contagious!  I have been happily knitting on a sweater (the name escapes me for the moment- more melting ice cream) but when the new patterns were ordered I was sorely tempted by the Tee for Two

Tee for Two with Blueberry Fields Ty-Dy

 Here’s the story.  I had seen this pattern on the Knit One, Crochet Too website and when we ordered the new patterns I couldn’t wait for this to come in.  I knew right away that I wanted to knit it- but thought I would wait.  Imagine my disappointment when I opened the box and saw that they had sent the wrong tee pattern.  (visualize a pouty lip, if you will)  Now, if you had been me, what would you have done when the pattern finally came in?  Don’t even pretend that you would have restrained yourself because I have the same disease that you do and I know you would have snatched it up.  Forget about waiting- I had to have it now.  I chose to knit mine in Blueberry Fields because the colors are more “me”.  I cannot wait to cast it on tonight.  I think it was very wise of me to put the other sweater on hold.  Who wants to knit with hot wool in the summer time?  Cotton makes much more sense, don’t you think?

Have a great knitting day!

3 thoughts on “Did I mention….”

  1. Hi Susan, a woman after my own heart. You start that sweater and enjoy. Too many lovely colors in that yarn to make a decision and I want that pattern also. I have been eyeing it for some time and I will succumb but not at the moment. So how much more is under your desk and do you ever have nothing under there or is there a never ending supply? Is it FIFO or LIFO? Just curious…..Kathy

  2. Sure wish you had this pattern when I was up there yesterday – I would have had to buy it. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it made up. I may have to make another trip up very soon to get it.

  3. Haha, next time debby you’ll want to come in when I’m there cause I’m always messing with the stuff under her desk.. Of course the last few months catching me there has been hard to do…

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