Sisters . . . And A Rainy Day!

Aren’t they the cutest things? What else is there to do on a rainy day at the lake?  Go to Knitting Today and work on their new sweaters.  I really never dreamed they would become avid sweater knitters at 15 and 17! 

And, for a close-up on what they are doing? 

Haley is a few rows in on Coraline.  Note the color coding work she has done on the chart. Each symbol is a different color so she can easily glance down to see whether it is an SSK or a K2Tog (or whatever happens on the purl side).  She’s also keeping track with her highlighter tape.  The yarn she’s using is Cotton Classic

Tara?  Well, she couldn’t resist and she did start the Ty-Dy Dots Cleopatra she blogged about yesterday.  I guess she thought about it all night and the first thing she did when she walked in was pick up the yarn and try to find the pattern for it.  Well, during knit night last night (she was on a babysitting job), I knew we had sold two of the patterns, maybe even the last one.  I mentioned it to her and she started tearing up!!  Seriously!  She said I only have thirty days to get it knit! Well, looking through the stack, I did find the last one [and I see online that the inventory isn’t tracking the POS sales so need to fix whatever is happening or not happening properly there].  I cannot believe she is doing this.  She’s going to be knitting non-stop until fair! 

The fit on both of these tops are different for me.  They are both a-line shape.  Haley’s gathers at the bustline and Tara’s is gathered by the yoke shaping.  Haley has the complicated factor of adding in bust darts for her shape.  I’ve not sized out an a-line shape before so I’m pulling out the new trusty book on Sweater Design to make sure we’re measuring correctly.  What has been your experience with fitting an a-line?  Do you measure under the bust and knit to gauge?  Do you measure the bust itself and how much “a” do you want at the line? 

As for me? Forget time to knit.  I’m working on the brochure for MK Unite! July 29-August 1 and finalizing the luncheon for Lorna’s Day June 16 (which is now sold out, but we’re taking a waiting list so call 800-426-5098).

P.S.  I’m on my wait to TNNA — anything new you want me to look for?

P.P.S. Don’t forget about the giveaway, it ends June 19!

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  1. Wow looks like everyone is having fun. Sure do miss the place and it looks like you moved some things around. You will have to do a 360 to give me a view of the new layout. Maybe Lorna could help with the design questions?

    Enjoy the yarn excursion and get lots of neat stuff.

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