Grab your Favorite Beverage and Catch up on Past News

Sometimes you just have to start

a new project.  Even though I have two sweaters and a Christmas stocking to finish for customers, a knitalong to lead in full o’ sheep,

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Back from the fair

After a week of camping at the fair, livestock shows, working various stands, and a very long, hot auction day, I am still feeling a bit

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Well, what do you know!

I DO have a few things under my desk, thanks for asking.  They have been pillaged and plundered but there is still plenty left.   Waiting

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Did I mention….

that I only work 2 days a week during the summer?  So when I said earlier that I would spend the next few posts updating

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OH MY! I am putting away the new Ty-Dy Dots yarn and Soxx Appeal. Gorgeous! Completely Gorgeous! I keep looking at Cleopatra Tank pattern wanting

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Ty-dy restock + new

Its here! The Ty-Dy cotton restock.  And, the new Ty-Dy Dots (shhhhh).  Also restocked a couple of  Ty-Dy Socks colors and am waiting on the backorders

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Get it fast, while it lasts…

Well.  We are technically closed on Wednesdays but I am here anyway.  I usually crank up the radio and open the back door, sing off

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Sock knitters are greedy!

I tell you what- I keep working away but I simply cannot go fast enough for sock knitters.  Forget about getting scans for the website,

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