One of my favorite hobbies is mixing and matching. I collage in my free time. I cut magazines for pictures, colors, patterns, designs, etc. and paste everything together. With knitting, I play with colors all the time! Just mixing and matching, finding a project that would look great in this yarn. Or wait! How about this?  You should see me on those days! (Come in and ask me what patterns I like and what I would do and you’ll find a project for anything!)

Back to the subject, I love the Noni Bags and Jul handles. They are fun to match with Shepherd’s Wool and please my creative genes when I work! But I’m looking at all of our yarn and seeing, what would be a great purse color? Well, I love purple (and luckily my winter coat is purple), but most coats are neutral colors.

Short to say, I’m making my talent work for me! I’m making kits of the Noni, Shepherd’s wool, and Jul hardware to make a specific bag. Now, they’ll be selling on ebay, but we’ll also have them in the store in bags so you can see total price. We can also switch any colors out of the handles or wool. We want what you want! Use our coupon code: jul15 ! If you like any of the ones I put in pictures and would like it, give us a shout out, and we’ll save it for you! Start this Fall with style with your own Noni purse. – Tara

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