finally, the Superwash has been updated!

You would think adding yarn to a website would be second nature after 18 years or so of doing it, but noooooo …..

Every single time I do something to the website, I either have to update or learn something new. It is not an easy process. The longest thing about adding the images for the Stonehedge Sheperd’s Wool Superwash was actually taking the pictures! Through a comedy of issues with the camera, including recharging batteries, broken stick-thing, and losing the white box, I finally just plopped the yarn down on the beige table cloth in the northwest window with the sun streaming through, and used my phone to take pictures. I did edit a few as far as lightening or brightening, most notably red and orange, but they are as close as I could get it. But then you throw in a different uncalibrated computer monitor and its all looking off again. So, anyways, if you look at the background of the yarns and they don’t look like a light beige, the color isn’t going to be exactly what you think it will be. The other thing that messes up color accuracy is the wonderful pin-drafting that happens to make these colors. There is a lot of depth in each color, take creamsicle for example, orange, white, yellow, and something else I can’t quite put my finger on ……

But, I had the pleasure of my grandchildren helping unbox and put the yarn on the rack. And caught a couple of cute pictures. Alexis wants a hat, and Jacob wants a gnome hat.


In upcoming posts, I’ll blog about the projects I’ve made so far, share reviews with you from customer’s projects, and share care and use tips — yes, this yarn is machine wash AND dry. I can’t wait for you to try it!

Link to Shepherd’s Wool Superwash at KnittingToday.com. 

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