Scrunchy Wool Yarn — 100% Wool — Olympic Blue

Olympic Blue 100% wool hank

It isn’t often a new yarn crosses my desk — well, frankly, it is very rare now that I don’t own a physical yarn shop — but this one did and I quickly I invested. It is “the” navy blue yarn used in the Olympic sweater. Beautiful, scrunchy, Aran weight 100% wool yarn. It is PURRRFECT for a seasonal belted cardigan, probably raglan sleeves and shawl collar. You know the one? I can see it in my head. Do you have a pattern source? Would you like to try some of the yarn for yourself? Here’s the order link.

Here’s the original Olympic sweater. Isn’t it beautiful!
Olympic sweater model

Happy Knitting! Glad I could be a yarn pusher again. Hee hee. — Lea-Ann

P.S. Don’t forget to comment below with links to the project ideas.

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