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Enchantment Shawl Kit/KAL starts soon!

Plan now to join the Enchantment Shawl KAL starting Friday, June 27, 6-? at Knitting Today. Keep reading for the details!

Enchantment Shawl closeup


Perfect for a special dinner in the cold a/c, this wide, shallow shawl begins with a charted lace border that’s knit sideways, then bands of bobble and leaf stitch patterns are worked from stitches picked up along the top edge. Three short-row sections finish off the top. Available in your choice of sixteen colorways, this kit includes one skein each of Crock-O-Dye (superwash wool/nylon/silk) and Kettle Tweed (merino wool/baby llama/bamboo/donegal) fingering-weight yarns, plus the pattern. 
Knit on US Size 5 straight and 32″ circular needles. 
Finished size 46″ x 15″. 
Recommended for intermediate knitters. 


Enchantment Shawl Full


Download the color .pdf: Enchantment shawl Colorways

Place your order online: Order Enchantment Shawl by June 15

Pick up:  Friday, June 27, 10-4 OR join the KAL Friday night, 6-?, (tentatively).

Mail order available for an additional $3 fee.

Ready for a fun knit??

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Stellanti Siting, hopscotch software, good food and friends

Just slowly wandering the show floor trying not to be overwhelmed and excited and look what I found!



The beautiful Laura Nelkin modeled Stellanti for me. Only a few more weeks until the fibrofibers yarn arrives and I’m getting everything in place for the KAL. Laura talked with me about construction, beads, and placement. I also bought some bracelet kits, a nice lace and bead combo which will make a great class. It sure was nice seeing these projects in person! Can’t wait to get going on them.

Another stop on day 2 was the Visionary Authors booth where I was able to talk Knit Swirl! and see them all in person once again. We talked about methods for shortening sleeves in particular. I feel so much more confident about helping customers choose yarn, style and fit now. The combinations of colors and fibers used is fantastic!

And, I also spent time learning about the new Hopscotch website CMS from Benjamin Levisay and Brent. I have a couple new ventures in mind and this might be the tool to help.

New yarn ideas? Well, I have those too. I have new choices in superwash, new hand-dyers, and some restocks of existing yarns in new colors. There is so much to do but all so exciting!

At the end of the day, Haley and I had some great Italian food (yesterday was Greek) and visited with Cari Clement and Susan Levine. Their experience and information about yarns, retail, wholesale and publishing is invaluable and I’m so thankful to know them and spend time picking their brains.

Reflecting back over the course of the day I had the opportunity to meet and talk with many people who will be instrumental in my business plans the next several years (ravelry, craftsy, spinrite for the USM, various yarn companies, to name a few). I can’t wait for this next season! Hard to believe it’s been twenty years and I’m still excited!

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Fo Friday: watershed

Almost done. Just the collar and armholes to complete.


And now for the wrap-up. When it came off the needles on Thursday morning, there was a try on session. The result was a lot of dissapointment and tears on both Tara and my part. It just didn’t look as good as either of us had imagined. It was too wide, the armhole was too big and it didn’t drape right. Ugh! Since there wasn’t time to get anything else, we decided to go ahead and finish it.

So, Thursday night she ran Mystery Yarn Club while I picked up around the armholes to finish it off. Can you see the tape meaures? The simple armhole treatment took in two inches! It was pick up, purl a row and bind off. I did deviate from the instructions In that i used a needle two sizes smaller which resulted in two tight of an armhole so ripped out the bind off and redid it on the regular needle size.


Yeah! I’m so please to share this finished object. Yes, it was done in time, even steam blocked and for those of you who know me, YES! The ends were woven in. Tara sewed the dress with the help of Mary some afternoons at the store and she found the perfect crochet shoes from Tom’s. what do you think!


And, now it’s on to the next adventure …. What shall it be? Give me some suggestions.

Here’s our graduating girl! Go Tara! Hard to believe twenty years ago we chose for me to work for home and here we are.


P.S. I used most of two balls of yarn, 440 yards. Maybe I need one?

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Read the instructions


Whoever said it was important to read instructions completely, circling all of the instructions that refer to your size? Me? Nah, because obviously I don’t practice what I preach. It’s disheartening to get to the end of the project and realize the lace pattern is four rows off because of one little sentence.

“For sizes S, L, and 2x: Work Rows 1-4 once.”

Ugh! I didn’t do that because the length was long enough, not thinking the reason the designer did this was to set up the eight row lace repeat so it looks right at the neckline. Are you all laughing at me now?

Since I do not have time to rip back, I’m in recovery mode. I have to finish the knitting today (this is the sort of play on words Tom intended when he named the business) so I can take time to block it on my day off tomorrow. I have to finish the neckline and the armholes.

P.S. I am at the end of my second ball of yarn. Would be really nice if I don’t have to get into the third. Do you think i’ll make it?

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Order of operations?

Progress is being made. Deadline is 7 days away. I ended up making some modifications to make the picked up front edges match.

The next question is, how deep do the armholes need to be before adding on stitches for the sleeve cap? I’ve never constructed a sleeve this way. Anyone have any suggestions?


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Stellanti Shawl Update

Yeah! We’re getting closer to getting the specially dyed Nightfall yarn for the Stellanti shawl KAL. Jen says she is feeling better and working through her backlog. As soon as we are in the queue, I’ll let everyone who has signed up know. If you would like more info, contact me at lea-Ann @ (remove spaces).

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Watershed, done by May?

Sometimes a new project just has to be tackled, despite a
huge list which grew by four other new projects last week. This new
project is called “watershed” and is available as a LYS Ravelry
download for those local to us. The yarn: three balls of creative
linen in a spring green. The reason: Tara wants to wear it over her
dress for graduation May 3. She sewed, with help from Mary, the
dress from a Kaffe Fassett fabric. Can I do it? Its
definitely a fun pattern despite having to do this little edging
about thirty times. After ten, outs feeling a little repetitive.
I’m watching the final four game right now so I have something to
be sitting here for….go Blue!

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Good friends and finish it February

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Read to the bottom for details.

What do good friends do for you? I have friends who pray for me, and with me, and who encourage me when i’m down. I’m thankful for each and every one of my friends. Right now though, I have to give a shout out to a special friend who recognizes when i’m feeling blocked and overloaded and takes steps to help. How?

First, she comes in and makes me pull out all the projects? It took two tables!

Then she makes me make decisions! Scrap it? Okay, that’s a relatively small number of projects scrapped. Only seven.


Then, return for others to enjoy until I can get to them on my list, then I can re-buy. That’s eleven projects! I take that back, I walked around to the other side and there are three more = 14!


Which leaves us with “the list”. And this …




Then … look at the list!. There are twenty-eight lines on “the list”, only three of which do not count. That means I have twenty-five wip projects! Eek!

I knew I had too many, but really? These are projects I need to finish or want to finish, and well, wow! [note to self, remember this count does not include the boxes in the kitchen area that we put away last time we did a sort through — she’s going to be merciless with those!]

Thanks so much, Lisa! And you know the best part? Last night before going home, we identified two things to work on.

1. Block the Miralda’s shawl — text at 7 this morning “put the book away and block the shawl”. Reading fluff is my escape. Yes, I got up and blocked the shawl sans blocking wires which are at MIA. We have six skeins of this yarn, Domy Heather, I’ll be putting on a private sale. It’s squishy, heathery and woolly and I love it! I don’t want to pass it along, but the good news is I found a source and can get more!!!!



2. Socks – deadline Saturday for class. One inch per day. Pictures later since I left that project home while I do my paperwork on my day off.

So, there is a little insight into what it is like as the yarn store owner. Start the next project, put it down, start the next project, put it down, ad nauseum. What are your projects? Can you beat my number? What’s your plan of attack? I had the top ten list a while back. I have two organizers, ten bins and will use those to have everything at hand, as soon as I get over the shock of having 25 current wip! Oh my!

Comment here or on Facebook for a chance to win a hank of Domy Heather, the yarn I used on the shawl, choice of one of four colors. We’ll draw a random name next wednesday.

Tell me:

1. how many wip,

2. what is your top three,

3. and your plan…


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Knit, Swirl! Trunk Show

Wow! What beautiful pieces. We had fun at UFO night doing a little try-on session.

Left to Right:

Lisa is wearing Tangerine Rose, a centered circle, Size 1 (we all agreed it is a flattering look for someone shorter, and in a size designed to fit): 32 (32, 40)” , 1477 (1633, 1807) yards worsted weight, 4.5 sts on size 7US.

Haley  is wearing an off-center oval, Sheer Beauty, Size 2: 32 (32, 40)”, 806 (879, 959) yards in DK weight and 689 (757, 816) yards lace weight, 6 sts on 5US.

Susan has on the off-center circle Strata Sphere, Size 2: 40 (40, 47″), 1593 (1744, 1900) yards in worsted weight, 4.5 sts on 7US. (kit available from us in Silk Garden by Noro)

Anita sports the Coat of Many Colors, an off-center oval, Size 3+: 40 (40, 47″), 1579( 1631, 1785) yards, 5 sts on 6-8US (kit available from Mountain Colors)

Not shown, Copper Collage, Size 2: (kit available from

Not sure what shape or style works best for you? This link is a good visual of the different styles. And, you can try them on in person at Knitting Today only until December 9!

If you want to do a KAL with us on Sweater Nights (the 2nd and 4th Thursday nights from 6-9), we’ll order the yarn to start after the 1st of the year.  In the meantime, you may want to get your book so you can start looking over the construction and fit information.