Organizing Projects

How do you organize your projects? Bins, bags, fixtures?? I’m just starting to get a handle on some of my projects. By that I mean find them! I have boxes and boxes of UFOs, WIPs, and whatever the “wanna be” acronyms are.


For those curious, left to right, Donegal Tweed and ChicKnits Ribby cardi; Euroflax Linen in a great lakes colorway and Mother & Daughter Knits with Sally Melville the pattern is a classic shirt; Linen Concerto for Stormy Weather by MaryAnne Oger.  The Donegal Tweed and Euroflax Linen are from my initial stock of yarn when I opened the storefront in 2002. The Linen Concerto was one of the last yarns I stocked before closing the storefront in 2014.  I’ll likely machine knit all of these projects so follow the UltimateKnittingClub.com blog for updates on these and other machine knitting projects.

So, how am I organizing? I have several bins at home that I am going to sort my handknitting projects into. then I have these plastic buckets with lids that I’ll store my projects in at the studio (that’s my fancy name for the store now since I don’t have regular walk-in hours yet).

In the past, I’ve had over 30 projects on my list.  How many do you think I’ll end up with when I get done organizing??

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