Busy, busy, busy!

Wow, have we been busy!  What with getting ready for Stitches (which was just a tad hectic) and trying to get all the new products checked in, it has been the next best thing to crazy.  Now that Lea-Ann (and crew) is safely in her booth in Chicago I finally have time to update you on the latest.

First, I’ll say upfront that I forgot my camera and Lea-Ann took the store camera with her so I have no pics for you, which is too bad because the new primary colors of Dreambaby DK came in and they look great!  We have a total of 22 colors – soon to be 23 when the green arrives.  Want to see it all?  Click here.  I’ll try to remember my camera so I can add an image for you…

Now for what I am really excited about.  The Knit Happy is all here!  We have some of everything in stock.  I know I told you earlier that it wouldn’t be here until after Stitches but surprise!  It’s hard for me to decide on a favorite.  One day I like the travel tumbler the best but then I’ll fold a denim shirt and decide that maybe I like that the best.  I have had so much fun spreading everything around the store.  I love the way the bright colors of the mugs, notebooks, and travel tumblers just pop off the shelves.  They look so… well, happy. 

I am still diligently working my way through the boxes.  Though they are not towering quite as high as before, they are still lurking over my shoulder.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?  Keep checking back because I am making progress.


2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy!”

  1. Susan you do a great job of making me want to come all the way from Texas just to take another look at those colors of Dreambaby. While there last Friday when you were putting them on the shelves, I noticed the beautiful colors and just how soft the yarn is, but alas it will not happen for a week. I am glad to hear the booth is set up but any news on how things are going? I have been checking to see if she has blogged or put anything on Rav. Busy here figuring out where to put stuff from the house and so far not looking so good, but it will all happen. I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well at Stitches and at the store.

  2. Stitches Midwest was a blast! Knitters from all over were very excited about all the products in our booth – Zealana yarn, Shephards Wool and Knit Happy. Thank you Lea-ann and Tom for allowing me to help! I enjoyed being with my friend Patti and getting to know Claudia better. You do get to know people when you work side-byside for hours on end! It took me a week, but I have recouperated! There are great things happening with the knit happy line – keep your eyes open and a smile on your face!

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