BTS at Stitches Midwest

BTS = Behind The Scenes, an acronym we use at Emmaus Walks for the go-fers

And, here are some shots from BTS at Stitches Midwest and, yes, Tom was definitely the “go-fer” and we couldn’t have done it without him.  My thanks to the whole team that helped man the Knitting Today booth, Claudia from Yarn Sisters for Zealana, Karen and Patti from Knit Happy, Chuck and Deb from Stonehedge Fiber Mills.  My hope is they had a great time meeting all the knitters that came through and have had a chance to rest their feet and legs by now. 

Tom setting up


And where is Lea-Ann?

Behind the Boxes

 From the back aisle you see the Noni Designs as well as the Heritage Spinning and Weaving and other Shepherd’s Wool samples:

From the Back Aisle

the view coming around the corner was Shepherd’s Wool:

Shepherd’s Front View

Walking around to the inside is another view of Shepherd’s Wool and on the back wall is the spinner rack full of Shepherd’s Wool Fingering.  Next to the fingering is a better view of Y2Knit’s Seven-Eighths and Winter Ball Scoop Cami (check Ravelry for their knitalong)

Shepherd’s from the InsideShepherd’s Fingering

Back to a view from the aisle, on the left is Y2Knit’s Seven-Eighths and Winter Ball Scoop Cami followed by the Zealana Kia Ora Kiwi and Kauri and in the middle is the Knit Happy bags and tumblers with the Gathered Totes on top of the yarn

From the Aisle

On the back right of the booth is the Zealana Eco 2020 on the top and Zealana Kia Ora rimu on the bottom with the Windy Hills Alpaca from a farm in Ohio to the right.  The models shown are on the left: Eyelet Cardi by Chic Knits knit in Kauri fingering; Laguna knit in Rimu DK,  on top is the Grommet bag and the Watermelon Tote, and on the far right with the long row of buttons is Noni’s new cardigan pattern.

Eco and Rimu

On the right of the booth, we featured Willow by Zealana, a cashmere/merino blend yarn that feels luscious and we have Knit Happy mugs lined up next to the checkout

Zealana Willow 

After all this set-up, here’s Tom:

 Tom worn out

And a big thank you to the three more helpers:  Deb and Chuck from Stonehedge Fiber Mills and Claudia from YarnSisters representating Zealana yarns:

Deb and Chuck from StonehedgeClaudia and Callie

Here’s the gang, Karen, Patti, Tom, Lea-Ann and Claudia:

The workers

 And, we did catch Tom smiling once or twice — he’s holding the Kiwi bird covered in Possum Fur:

Tom and the Kiwi Bird

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of our booth at Stitches Midwest 2009!  Thank you for stopping by, please leave a comment, you never know when I’ll do a drawing for some goodies!!

6 thoughts on “BTS at Stitches Midwest”

  1. Looks like a lot of work and so much fun! I can’t believe all the new stuff you have. I have to get to the shop some time in the next week. See you soon.

  2. Everything looked great! Hope everyone has recovered from the weekend? The store also looks great with all the new displays and all the pretty yarns.

  3. This was my second year to attend Stitches Midwest and it was nice to see Knitting Today there. Lea-Ann, Tom, and helpers did a great job setting up the display, looked like they had done this once or twice before. I was there on Friday and it was obvious they all were having a good time and happy to be there. The booth was on a corner which gave customers space to go in, browse, talk, and make their selections. One other nice thing I observed was the number of samples that were on display. I give the booth an A+. Thanks for all your efforts.

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