those UPS men, they never stop working . . .

I feel bad, sort of, that on Tom’s vacation he has to load a truck, drive, unload a truck, move boxes, unload inventory, fill shelves, and at the end of a long weekend refill boxes, move boxes, reload a truck and drive again, unload, etc.  I think he’ll then leave the reshelving to the rest of the staff.  This is on his VACATION!  Now, he is telling me I plan these things to happen on his vacation, seriously, I don’t even have his vacations on my calendar to call the organizers of these events and tell them this is when they have to have Stitches Midwest, because Tom is on vacation, you know <LOL>.  

Our first shipment to load is Zealana Yarns, over 300 pounds of yarn!!  The second shipment that came in that is now at our house is ten boxes of display fixtures, each weighing 60 pounds — you do the math — he said not to stack it all in one place on our living room floor, wonder why.   Today we’re making the trek to Karen’s to load the Knit Happy boxes, I don’t even want to count how many we’re talking about, but I think it filled half of her garage when I saw them the other day and it took her weeks to price/tag everything.   On Tuesday we’re going to haul the trailer — oh, thank you to my neighbor Steve F who is a bread man who just upgraded to a box truck and has loaned us his 20 foot trailer so we can load in increments instead of saving it all until Tuesday night <wooh, what a sentence!>– over to UPS and wait in their parking lot for the unload to finish and snag my boxes.  Now I know why I married a UPS man, a direct line to the center and my son who works unload there (he would help but he’s on vacation too).  Nine boxes are arriving from Stonehedge in every color of their yarn as well as more patterns for felted hats, clogs, and, hmmmm, I know there is 15 boxes we have to pick up at last count.  Then back to the store to finish loading the display pieces.  Tara has made a list of what she needs to add,  complementary shirts, necklaces, and I don’t know what else, to fancy the mannequins up and make their sweaters stand out.  I have samples from Noni patterns, Heritage Spinning and Weaving, Zealana, and our in house samples of Shepherd’s Wool and Zealana yarns.   I’ll have to take a picture of everything before it is boxed up so we know how to put it back together. 

Well, on this Labor Day, since we’re working; I hope you get in some knitting time.  Tom is taking a few minutes to cast his line into the water.  A couple of blue gill yesterday and he’s on a morning stroll down to the lake this a.m. to see what is happening down there.  I should have thought ahead and outfitted the cottage (across the street from our house on Pretty Lake) so we could stay in it last night, at least he would have felt like he was on vacation one day — oh well, next time!  I have to get moving and get stuff done . . . have a great day everyone!!  Comment and tell me what you did today, and we’ll pick a winner for a Knit Happy notebook in your color choice after we get back from Stitches. 

Knit Happy Notebook

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8 thoughts on “those UPS men, they never stop working . . .”

  1. Tom rocks! We are so glad he supports what you do!

    This labor day we are taking a drive back to MA. It looks like a beautiful day for a drive. We’ll even have time to make some stops on our route and enjoy!

    I am taking along a HK tech book and will work on a sampler piece when not driving.
    Have fun at Stitches!!!!

  2. Hope you have a great time at Stitches. Wish I could go. I spent most of my Labor Day knitting while watching reruns of Design Star and catching up on laundry. Really exciting stuff. We did go and see the old cars since we live so close, but couldn’t go yesterday because of a water tank blow-out and a flooded laundry room. It’s just as well because I’m diligently trying to get my Christmas knitting done.

  3. DH and I travelled to Shipshewana this Labor Day for my only visit to the flea market this season. We went early and got out before the rest of the world showed up. I did not knit much today but got a bunch done on(what else) a pair of socks from the Eclectic knitter in a lovely Autumn colorway from Araucania. Yummy! I second Heather’s comment . Tom rocks! Go Blue(right Tom!). Hope to see you next UFO night. Probably flying solo that night.

  4. I wish I was going to Stitches MIdwest with Lea-Ann. Instead, I spent my no-labor day grading papers and doing laundry and, of course, knitting. Since my husband is out of town (in Atlanta helping our son move into his first house), I could do as I pleased, and although I would have liked to knit more this afternoon (I *will* knit more tonight), those pesky papers needed to be graded before 8am (or, for the second set), by 9:15am) tomorrow.

    My current knitting project is a pair of socks—Wendy Johnson’s Feather and Fan Socks—for my mom.

  5. Have a great and productive time at Stitches with some fun time thrown in there also. Come back with lots of sales and not much of anything else. That should make it easier on Tom, who is a keeper. I spoke with my husband, did Wii, watched tennis (US Open), and read a book. That was my Labor Day, not very exciting but sometimes that happens. Not any knitting since Friday, time has just gotten away from me and I have been busy doing things getting ready for my trip. Hope to knit on the plane, though.

  6. I spent the day debating whether or not to leave the cottage early since the weather was gray and damp.. Ended leaving around 2pm which was only about 2 hours earlier than I originally planned. I also spent some free time frogging a pair of mitlits that I did a cable row wrong on and recasting on a pair of socks that were pooling bad and making me crazy.. so I feel like I made no real knitting progress… However, I am ready to rock and roll on knitting these items now that I have fixed the problems. I hope you have a great time at STITCHES..

  7. Congratulations to not one, but all six of the above commentors who will get to pick their choice of color of a Knit Happy notebook!!! Contact me with your color choice: red, orange, purple — thanks for commenting . . . Lea-Ann

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