Bamboo Ewe

Morning Frost Wrap

Remember in an earlier post when I said that I would like to try the Bamboo Ewe from Stitch Nation for Debbie Stoller?  I have casted on for the Morning Frost Shawl from the Stitch Nation- Collection 1 and have about 22″ done.  That’s almost 50% finished.  I tell you what, this is such an easy pattern it’s not funny.  Four row repeat, two of which are pearling, the other two are the same with the exception of the first few stitches.  I almost feel like I’m cheating it’s so simple.  And yet it is just lovely.

As for the yarn… it is a four ply, soft to the touch, has a soft sheen compliments of the bamboo, and from what I can tell will block out very nicely.  In short, I like it.  I am using colorway 5510, Beach Glass (which is what the book calls for) and the soft green/blue is so calming at the end of the day.  Another + for Red Heart.

Gardening at Night Bag

I want to tell you just a bit more about the book, as well.  It’s got 13 projects in it- two of which are crochet.  There are two sweaters, and a car coat that I really like, in addition to the shawl.  If I knew how to crochet I would already be making the Gardening at Night crochet bag because it is cute, cute, cute!  Mind you, there are no mind-blowing new techniques, but that is not what this little book is all about.  It has very do-able projects using simple lace, cables, and Fair Isle- all rated “Intermediate”.  I would consider this a good next step type of book for someone looking for everyday type of knits.  All in all, this is not a bad deal for $4.99.

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  1. I had no clue that those flowers were actually crocheted. I thought it was a knitted bag, with felted flowers appliqued on. I might attempt it after the Origami Bag class in March. Plus, I’m envious of your progress on the Morning Frost. Can’t wait to see it in person again.

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