Calming the Mind, What’s on Your Mind, and a Year of Thanksgiving

When the mind is jumping all over the place ….

4h quarter Full Focus Planner and Rocketbook

I pick up some hand knitting or grab an eraseable pen and start moving my hands with either knitting or writing. That action seems to calm my brain and give me some focus and direction. I also use essential oils and food choices (coffee?) to help with focus and attention.
What do you do to calm the mind?

What’s on your mind, Lea-Ann? ….

Tom sporting a U of M Bowtie and his oncologist with the MSU bowtie

Swiped from Facebook, right? Well, too much to share. But right now I have knitting machine projects (garter gusset tee, FIsher Lassie, and the LK150 Success Academy lessons), Epicure (the upcoming food challenge and meal planning), DoTerra (new oils released at convention). AND, above all, I have my family — Tom who will have a lung biopsy on 9/17 and cardiothorasic consult on 9/30 for the nodule suspected to be malignant from the bile duct cancer. BUT, the praise is that his PET scan showed No Evidence of Tumors in his surgical bed (JUMPING FOR JOY), my children’s and grandchildren’s schools, my health, COVID, riots, racism, fires, etc. etc. etc. The prayer list goes on and on.
Feel free to share what’s on your mind in the comments below!

A year of Thanksgiving ….

Tom’s final chemo treatment and starting Rio Calina

Can you BELIEVE it is September already? I find it difficult to think about the fact that a WHOLE year has passed since we suspected Tom’s gut was having issues. Going through something like this sure turns the focus from wants to needs and from expectation to gratitute. I pick up my latest project (Cat Bordhi’s Rio Calina Cowl [and prayers for Cat’s family as she goes through her end of life journey] available at catbordhi.com) and reflect on life and gratitude.
What are you grateful for?

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