A secret revealed…. Chic Knits, Noni patterns and Silk Garden Sock

From the Desk of Susan:  The TNNA orders are beginning to trickle in.  If you were here Friday you were treated to a preview of the new Chic Knit and Noni patterns (still hiding under my desk but Lea-Ann will show them to you if you ask!) and the new colors of Silk Garden Sock.  I’ve liked this since it first came out and the new colors are (big surprise) fantastic.  However, I don’t see socks when I look at/touch this yarn.  I see shawls and scarves.  Then, Lea-Ann showed me the Dianna pattern on Ravelry and I realized that this is the type of thing that the yarn has been trying to tell me all along.  The Peaks and Valleys Scarf from HeartStrings would, I think, also lood great.  A peek into the Jenny Watson books for Noro tell me that I’m not the only one seeing big things out of this little yarn.  The Catwalk book has many patterns for the Kureyon Sock, but the Silk Garden Sock is interchangeable, and the Noro Collection Book 3 has six projects using the Noro sock yarns. 

eta:  Susan had to leave before she finished this post so I’m going to go ahead and publish it leaving my own little touch:  Dianna, the photo from Ravelry . . . . who else wants to knit this??  Do you have another project you would rather knit from the Silk Garden Sock?  — Lea-Ann
Dianna by MaweLucky/Jane Araujo

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  1. Susan/Lea-Ann, I missed a show and tell, darn. I really like the pattern Dianna so I might be interested in knitting it, I will just have to add it to the pile. Susan I did not take a good look at the new colors of Silk Garden but hope to be there on Friday so maybe I can see them then. My knitting time should increase soon so maybe I can finally focus on finishing some projects. Sad for the reason why I can start knitting again but glad to maybe finish some projects.

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