Knit Happy!

dip_mugss.jpg  Have you noticed the new category in the left hand navigation menu?  It’s called “Knit Happy”; you’ll see it at the bottom of the menu (for now, anyway).  Tell you what- I LOVE this stuff.  It makes me smile.  The logo is so darn cute what with the chubbed up sheep and all.  I just received the dipped mugs and am going to have to get one… or more.  I cannot decide which color I must have.

  Here’s the catch- we only have  the dipped mugs and the gathered tote on the website.  In the store we have more styles of bags and some button up shirts.  These will not be put online because they were a special one-time purchase to be sold in store only.  So, to see the other products you’ll have to pop in to the shop.  But lo, do not be discouraged!   We have all kinds of products expected for Stitches Midwest and those will be added to the website as they come in.  Look for sweatshirts, shirts, bags and more to be added sometime in the future.  In the meantime it is worth a trip in to check out the other bag styles and the shirts.  They really are too cool.

So, do you want to Knit Happy?  Click here to see the Knit Happy products online.


2 thoughts on “Knit Happy!”

  1. I got my mugs and they will do just fine. Nice and big for a good cup of tea. All the other stuff looks great also, I will have to investigate further.

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