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felted clogs

Warm tootsies

I felted my clogs last night.

Monumental because I found a Facebook picture of them started January 1, and then finished and waiting for seaming uploaded on February 22.  And they have been sitting in my basket waiting for me since then. Why so long? I didn’t have a chibi!! Can you believe it? That’s like the cobblers children.

And, in July, I got a new-to-me washing machine with tons of water levels, temperature levels and spin cycle. Talk about confusion. The one I had before was simply a stick it in, turn it on and everything felts. Lol.

So, an hour television show, a chibi, and a couple runs through the washer and look what I have.

Felted Clogs

Warm tootsies!! Wet, but still warm. Amazing!! Yarn was two strands of Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool in two different greens (leftovers) and two strands of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride (available by special order). They felted a little bit differently, I’m assuming due to the mohair content in the lamb’s pride, so I felted them a little longer but the Shepherd’s Wool gives a little once on the foot. Overall, I’m happy. And after wearing my last one for about ten years, even with my toes peaking through, I need these in the mornings.

Woohoo, one empty basket! Have you made felted clogs?? What is your favorite yarn?


Some day I’ll weave ….

I won, I won! I bid on an online auction and look what I won…


It might not seem like much but it has a lot of meaning to me. It was from my great uncle’s estate. It was probably woven by another great uncle and great aunt. It has a prominent place in my office, under my feet when I stand at the computer. Yes, I use them. They are made to withstand tough use. The jean rugs given as a gift at our wedding 26 years ago are just now falling apart. As i work, I wonder… whose dress, whose shirt, sheets???? What history has this rug’s fabric seen over the years? And I think, what a legacy passed down from generation to generation.

Some day, I’ll weave ….

*(Knit, tear out, reknit)repeat from*

Group knitting is the best. It gives you time to catch up and visit with friends, make new friends, and eat. Oh, and knit too!!


Members of the Creative Machine Knitters gather together once a month in Fort Wayne and once a quarter meet at Knitting Today. Occasionally, it’s a knit-in and we spend the day. Here, Terri, Kathy and Darla are discussing their next projects. Darla, Kathy and I were all going to knit Stormy Weather, a tunic pattern by Mary Anne Oger and Terri is starting a top also by Mary Anne called ?? All published in KnitStyle, now out of print.


My Stormy Weather is knit in Linen Concerto, color 75, oceana-type colors. This is a sport weight yarn made of rayon, linen and cotton, that I expect to be a three season garment. Instead of the tunic, I’m making it a hooded cardigan. I’m a little concerned about the length because I’m short waisted, and this is knit side-to-side but I figure as a cardigan it doesn’t have to fit lengthwise as much as widthwise. That was after knitting half the back once, holding it up, and deciding to do a different size (and, no, I didn’t do a gauge swatch… Shhhhh!!). I think Darla is the only one who made progress without having to tear out for one reason or another. Thankfully on the machines it is a quick reknit. Both Terri, who is using Hempathy a linen blend s well, and I found using Easy Knit Spray helped these yarns knit smoother on the Lk-150s.


I’m wondering how common our knit, tear out, reknit experience might be. Do you find you have to tear out after group knitting session, hand or machine? If so, tell me your opinion about what causes it. Doors that stop you from gathering?


Knitting and coffee

Lyn texted … Are you available Saturday morning? I have a split stitch about 40 rows back and it’s in garter stitch.


Sure, said I. I’ll bring my seed stitcher/fix it tool. (sorry we didn’t turn off the mic) garter stitch repair with seed stitcher/ fix-it tool (you tube link)

And after a cup of coffee for me and smoothie for her, time with a friend, back to the daily to-do list … And thank you for preserving that relationship, Lyn, without even realizing that I needed it.


Enjoy your weekend!!


How important are they? Family, work, friends ….

As I transition from retail to online, I find myself thinking of relationships developed over the years.

Family, of course. Being back in the home after twelve years, i’m remembering I just can’t drop what I’m doing with family and work. Nor can i drop what I’m working on to be with family. Discipline and setting hours are key. There will be exceptions, of course.

Work friends — and when your work is also you’re hobby — those friends are doubly important. How to maintain and build  those relationships when it’s no longer easy to be available regularly.  Clubs I used to frequent monthly are no longer. Hanging out at school events, not an option. Hmmmm.


This picture of Tom was taken in the car on the way to our store closing sale. He absolutely *loves* giving a deal and just look at that twinkle in his eye. What a great day we had visiting with everyone. Makes me wonder how I’m going to do without the store to go to, but then I remember the retail hours, deciding what to do when the weather is bad, and all the stress…. And I look forward to finding the next way to build those relationships I desperately need.

What about you? How do you strike a balance in relationships? How do you maintain contact and build friendships? What works? What doesn’t?

Welcome, welcome

Just popping in here to say welcome to all the new readers and followers. Come back as we rebuild our website and refocus this blog in the upcoming months. Do you have any name suggestions? Here are a few I’m tossing around…

Lea-Ann Loves …. Techniques, books, classes, news.

Today’s knitting…

Well, I’m still working on it. Any suggestions will be welcome.

In store clearance, Aug 30, 10-5

Clearance time! Don’t miss out!
Saturday, august 30, 10-5 — last chance!

Big discounts on remaining yarns, patterns, and books. We have shepherds wool, alpaca, noro, cottons, and more spread out around the store.

Stock up for winter and gifts with finished sweaters, scarves, hats and knit happy sweatshirts and shirts.

Organize yourself with Display fixtures, magazine spinning racks, yarn tree.

Also clearing out office equipment. color laser xerox printer, paper folder, file cabinets, work table and other office supplies.

And lastly, the beautiful Antique display cases we have used to display products from jewelry to yarn and projects.

I’ll upload more pictures as I get the displays at up.

evan and super easy baby blanket

cute baby, super easy blanket

This baby and this blanket  . . .


Pattern: Super Easy Baby Blanket, easy garter stitch stripes on a size 7 or as needed to match gauge. Seven earthy colors. approximate finished size, 36″ x 45″. 

Yarn: Tatamy Tweed DK

Manufacturer/Distributor: Kraemer Yarns
Fiber Content: 45% cotton; 55% acrylic
Yarn Class: Light
Suggested Gauge: 22 sts = 4″
Yardage: 3.5 oz/250 yards (100 gr) approx.
Suggested Needle Size: US 5 (3.75mm)
Care: machine wash and tumble dry

– Only Ten Yarn Packs available –

P.S. That’s the yarn pack only, baby not for sale!


A day at the lake

My office for the day


Yeah, you caught me. Actually I’m taking a sunshine break from my downstairs office. While I’m out and about, thought I’d show you the new packing station, yep, in the corner of our kitchen.


And what happens in the kitchen for the first time in almost a year? A shiny sink!


A year, you say? Yep, it’s been a long time coming. Finally, no frozen pipes resulting in hard water, no baby bottles, and yes, some time to make our house a priority. Flylady says start with the shiny sink. I’m giving it a go. How about you?

My studio

Lorna Miser showed a picture of her huge loft studio on Facebook, so I thought I’d show the progress on my space.

First, the south wall. The right side is full of magazine collections. The left is being filled with ufo projects as I unearth them.


The east wall has two machines, the lk-150 and a 160+ ribber. I think I’ll sell the 160 and that space will be replaced by an ultimate sweater machine so I can test techniques and swatches for the new website, Ultimate Knitting Club.


The north wall is my desktop and book collection. In the boxes at the left are my Workbasket collection. In sorting my books by type, I have a lace grid, a Fair Isle grid, a grid of stitch pattern books, an Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen section, a sock collection, and various and sundry.


The problem? No place for yarn even though I have four cubbies full at the store that need to come home, a couple more bookshelves of reference material also the store, and, lastly, a file cabinet. I had to relocate weaving, sewing, and scrapbooking to the cottage. Oops!

I’ll show the cottage space next time, followed by our shipping and packing stations for our website, Knitting Today and our eBay stores,  bondknitter and icefisherman1.

Where is your space?