moving right along . . . amazon vs. paypal?

So, my new hours of Monday-Thursday by appointment, and Friday and Saturday, 10-4, seem to be working fine from my end. Not a lot of feedback from the customer so I can only assume it is working just fine.

I’m ordering from Brown Sheep, Plymouth, Mountain Colors, Lorna’s Laces, and other companies on an almost [...]

KnittingU March: blocking

Its time to give it a go for KnittingU. We’ve been snowed out the past two months. I’m anxious to see what everyone has been working on and if they’ve been using the lessons learned in our previous knittingU classes. Here’s the details:

Saturday, March 1, 10-12 Tuesday March 4, 2-4 Thursday March 6, 6-8


Slow but sure, a marathon not a sprint.

Every day, every project, every pile. I have to remember that projects are a marathon not a sprint. It’s about time for a new top ten list. I find I’m adding and adding and not finishing, once again. Problem is it isn’t just knitting.

1. Graphic design homework projects due 2/27. 2. Editing next KnitStyle [...]

Storefront hours

For the next few weeks, our storefront hours are by appointment only. A combination of weather, grandkids health issues, class requirements, my health, and working on the online community website is taking priority. If you need something, you may place an order online and choose the shopping method of “will pick up” and we’ll call [...]

February KnittingU: increases

KnittingU: February 2014 Why Do I Need This Class? I can hear you now. I already know how to increase so why do I need this class? Do this little, um, swatch (I know how much we all love to do swatches!) for me:

Cast on 10 stitches (sts). Knit one row. K 2 sts, [...]

Journalism? Letter writing? What is a blog?

Is keeping a blog like journaling? Writing, pictures, sharing …. Taking time to put thoughts to the page. I’d rather pick up the needles and help someone or answer a question. Self-directed posting is not my strength, obviously. So, I need some help to keep this blog going. Tell me what you would like to [...]

Eenie, meenie, miney, moe

What needs my attention first? Finally, a sleeping grandbaby for his mommy’s first day back at work. Just a couple days with grandma until he’s old enough for the daycare.

1st day for momma at work

And now to tackle these boxes…have you been waiting for yarn? Expect a call asap….


KnittingU Series: class 1 – Edges Examined: selvedges, shaping and applied

The first class in the KnittingU six-month series concludes tonight, 6-8. It is called “Edges Examined: selvedge, shaped and applied”. The class consists of technique, discussion and application. Feedback from the two previous sessions has been positive and I am glad to be able to provide knitters with an arsenal of techniques so they are [...]

Rush, rush, rush

And as the day begins, I pause to look at the to-do list (I’m giving Nozbe a try) and determine what is the most important thing to get done. After an appointment this morning, I have to make sure I have a box ready for when the UPS man arrives, then a few boxes for [...]

The box overload syndrome

This gets overwhelming to me…..

It was all stacked in my office. I decided to line it up in order of importance, eg special orders, so I can tackle it 25 minutes at a time. If you are waiting on something, you should hear from me soon!