Your “AAWWW” moment of the day

My two youngest kids came with me to work on Tuesday.  Why I do not know.  They brought their DS thingys and some colored pencils and paper, library books and various other things to keep them busy.  Round about noon they had gone through all their busy things and had started bickering so I said “why don’t you just pick up some needles and learn to knit already!”, never thinking they would take me up on it.  But they did!  Caleb had knit before and had at some point decided he didn’t want to anymore, but Sarah was picking up the needles for the first time.  (I wish we had gotten a picture of the two of them sitting at the table together, concentrating with all their might)  When we went home that evening they had both decided that they were going to make bean bags, probably to throw at each other.  Fast forward to yesterday afternoon:  Caleb had knit two bean bags- one a square and the other a triangle (I made him learn to increase and decrease and when he got done he said “hey, this is just a square!  why didn’t I make a square and just fold it corner to corner?” I smiled when Sarah said,  “because then you wouldn’t have learned to add and subtract stitches”.  Bless her heart.) 

Caleb’s heart- just for me

So, the point of all this seemingly pointless information is to show you this.  When Caleb got done with his bean bags he started knitting away with the yarn he had left and when I asked what he was making a sly smile and a “you’ll see” were all I got.  Turns out he was making me a heart pin. (now is when you go “AAAWWWWW”) He wasn’t happy with the shape so he felted it just a bit so he could hand shape it to his liking.  Now tell me that’s not the sweetest thing ever.  What a great kid.

Quick project update:  Just have to do the trim on the “Tee for Two”.  I got interrupted by the Dream in Color Club hat and then a Diva Bundle scarf.  I have a bit of knitter’s ADD.

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