Days like today . . .

make me want to crawl in a shell. Yes, its 9:30 p.m. and I’ve only left the store for two hours since 7:30am this morning. What a day this has been! First, the internet connection has been giving us fits for the last couple of months and I finally talked to someone who identified the culprit as the modem. Monday pm, run (well, drive, but you get the picture!) to Angola and get the last modem on the shelf at Staples. Tuesday early a.m., get here and start installing it. The monitor keeps going into meltdown! Finally move Susan’s monitor to the server and get the modem installed and connected to the internet. But when I hook it to the router and bridge the two pieces of equipment, I get nada. Left a help ticket for ISP pro to call me back and left for the girls school registration at noon. 2:30, we finally get back after having to redo Tara’s entire schedule since she’ll be taking IPFW classes in the morning and not the afternoon like they had it listed. Still no call from ISP so wait around talking with customers, etc. Finally, 5:30pm, get someone on the line to help walk me through the set-up issues. Finally have internet service about 7:30pm, but due to the type of set-up we did, the Forums are no longer accessible from the outside world. I can see them, get to them, etc., but the permissions are lacking and the service desk at the modem manufacturer is closed until 6am. So, here I am, almost two whole days shot and I’m trying to wrap up plans and get final inventory here before we pack up and leave in only SEVEN days for Stitches Midwest!! ACK! We were going to the State Fair tomorrow but that will have to be cut from the plans. Sorry, girls! [Tara got a merit on her top and Haley got a red on her fingerless gloves, so we are anxious to see what other projects were there and read the comments — oh well, maybe next year??]. I’m headed home, tomorrow’s another day. Sorry folks, if you were planning on chatting on the Forums tonight, that it won’t happen. Lea-Ann
P.S. If you are network professional and can tell me how to set up the port forwarding permissions on a zoom modem, I’ll be glad to call you!!

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  1. Sorry you are having so many problems. Hope your computer problems are fixed very soon and maybe you can still go to the fair. Hope Stitches Midwest is fantastic too.

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