Where Should I Put It?


My dilemma ….. Where should it go? It used to be the www was all about email delivery. Now I’m not sure. I used to update the website, then send an enews announcing the update. Since my website has changed, it isn’t so easy to pop things on the front page. And it is quite easy to blog and facebook, but no so easy to get those formats to the enews and if you are reading the blog, then get an email for the same thing, isnt that annoying? Then, too, I think the expectation of what is in an enews is a little different now. It seems like its all about the sale, not the news. Since I’m restructuring everything and trying to figure out the best way of communicating, I though I’d ask….

Where do you expect to find information from Knitting Today? How do you want it delivered?


4 thoughts on “Where Should I Put It?”

  1. i think I am kind of old fashioned. I like to get newsletters by email. But, an announcement about a sale, etc. would be great on Facebook. That would be just short and to the point. I hate going to websites and I am not good at twitter, blogs, etc. That is just for me though and I find it hard to keep up with all the new things, even though I would like to.

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