what to knit on a quick trip



it was a hard choice, socks or something new? when the box arrived, i knew it would be something new. yep, it is half crepe from mountain colors and I’m making a one skein shawl. easy, lovely colors, nice drape. If Susan doesn’t have the other colors online yet, she will soon.

btw, when given the option I always start a new project. Just need more UFO nights.

2 thoughts on “what to knit on a quick trip”

  1. So I did guess right? It does pay to remember previous Facebook postings. Hope you are able to knit quite a bit on the return trip back to IN. Another trip in your future, though? Hope all goes well.

  2. Yep. Probably a couple trips, Kathy, as I’ll be there for the surgery toward the end of April and then go back again to help on and off during recovery. 6-8 weeks they say. I worked for ten rows and then put it away. Did a little puzzle on the phone, ten more rows, etc. But each row adds a stitch so they are getting longer and longer :-). I dont know what I was thinking about the color though, its the same as the kid n’ewe that has been sitting around the store waiting for me to make a cardigan. Must really love those great lakes blues (not the official colorway). Tara had snagged the Kid ‘n Ewe for her 4-H project but the gauge is just too far off so she’s switching gears and I’ll have it back to make my cardigan. Send me a private message on facebook, I want to hear about your house hunting, moving, etc.

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