Soups on!

Tomorrow is the beginning of our winter Soups On! knitting . . . on Fridays from 11-3, we put soup from Martin’s Homestyle Soup Company in our crock pot (hmm, maybe I better check and make sure its here as well as that I have enough bowls, spoons, etc.) and anyone who would like to partake throws a couple bucks in the cup.  We don’t just eat though, we also knit and, as shown below, we might even spin!  If you are in the area, join us . . . this Friday we have one of my favorites, Pizza Soup!  Lea-Ann

Spinning at Knitting Today

2 thoughts on “Soups on!”

  1. I sure will miss meeting on Fridays to chat and talk about whatever. I hope the pizza soup is good today but as it will be in the 80’s here today it maynot be the best thing to eat down here.

    Now that I am more comfortable I hope to start knitting soon. I keep looking at the knitting bag resting on the back of the chair, maybe I just need to work on something less pattern oriented like a plain ole sock. Now just to find the plain ole socks, I know I brought them and they are here but where? Darn! Say hello to all….

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