Ty-dy restock + new

Its here! The Ty-Dy cotton restock.  And, the new Ty-Dy Dots (shhhhh).  Also restocked a couple of  Ty-Dy Socks colors and am waiting on the backorders and new colors (and, shhhh, the new Sock Dots) to arrive . . . lots of fun stuff to work on.  Did I ever show you a picture of my Slant on Nature?  I put the pattern on top of the box so you could see it the original.  The mods I made were to make it a v-neck instead of a lapel and set-in sleeve instead of drop shoulder.  If you want to make those same mods, I can help you through them. . .


This Spring 2010 issue of Knitter’s  has a new colorway (in the shhh box) on the front, entrelac neckline — really a neat knit!

Oh, and for the sneak peak:  Ty-Dy Dots!

And, now for the new patterns that use those new yarns.  Notice the socks in the bottom picture done in Fair Isle?  It uses a solid strand of Sox Appeal (which is in another shhh box under Susan’s desk).  

Okay, so that’s the end of the Ty-Dy sneak peak .  . . . for those of you patiently waiting for the prize drawings, that’s up next . . . . just trying to figure out a snazzy way to count without doing it manually, but may break down and do it manually anyways.  Sometimes the back-end of software is not soo pretty to work with.  Lea-Ann

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