Ty-Dy and Ty-Dy Socks back in stock!


Guess what I just finished doing?  If you cannot tell by the title of this post, I just received the shipment of Ty-Dy that fills out our selection.  We re-ordered what we were out (or almost out) of and also ordered any color we didn’t have.  That means we now have every color of Ty-Dy in stock.  You won’t find it on the website yet but I have sitting on my desk the two newest colors of Ty-Dy sock.  The colorways are called “Arizona” and “Vineyard”.  You’ll have to come in the store to see them… don’t even try to find them on the K1C2 website either, because they aren’t there. 

Please be patient with me… I will get them on the website but it will take me a while.  If you’ve been in lately and seen my little corner of the office, I’m sure you’ll understand.  I am a wee bit overwhelmed with the boxes that surround me, all begging to be first in line.  I promise to post here as I get things up and running.

Things to look for in the near future…..  Chic Knits Patterns, new Smooshy colors, Cotton Patine and various books. – Susan

 5/11/09 – edited by Lea-Ann to add picture woohoo!!!  Who wants to knit a Slant in Nature with me?? 

3 thoughts on “Ty-Dy and Ty-Dy Socks back in stock!”

  1. Please just take your time with getting new stuff out. If you keep putting it in the store it usually ends up coming home with me and I need to stop doing that. So how much Ty-Dy did you say you had? ……..

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