As promised….

The new colors of Smooshy are in!  I’ve just received them and they’re ready to go on the shelf.  These are a little different than those we’ve had in the past because they are somewhat solid.  Take note that the Absolute Magenta is not really true color; I’m having trouble getting it right.  It truly is a deep magenta- very pretty.

Want to see it?  Click here..Smooshy in Knitting Today-Yarn

2 thoughts on “As promised….”

  1. I saw these about a week ago and the colors are reallly different than other smooshy. Could you set aside the Gold Experience for me? Should be there on Friday to pick it up…thanks Kathy

  2. I put it in the system and it’s in the back room. Although I don’t know how you could have possibly seen it a week ago, because I’m sure Lea-Ann would never dig in the boxes under my desk…. 😉

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