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Why am I the only one who has TEN on her list (notice comments from previous post entitled “With a Little Help from some friends . . “? Don’t you guys really have other things stashed away that you need encouragement getting through? Carli, I had to mix the list order up a little bit more than what *we* had originally decided. October is almost here and I want Vicky’s prayer shawl to be done. I think I’m going to stash away the Mexico Socks and only work on them during class time. I’m seriously feeling the need to start a sweater in the new Shepherd’s Wool so I’m diligently working to get the projects that belong to other people off the list. Cross off, done, finished, yeah —

  1. Cross Stitch Scarf
  2. Peg’s Sweater
  3. Becky’s Sweater. 

Retired to Hibernating status: Filigree Lace Shawl. In the bag and working on:

  1. Vicky’s shawl
  2. Penny’s Baby Sweater repair,
  3. Marilyn’s sweater finishing.  
  4. Ring of Lace shawl — my travel knitting but I dropped a stitch late during UFO night and I now need to do a repair. I’ll tackle it tonight at horse.  

Notice I have not yet added more to the list, but when I do its going to be Shepherd’s Wool projects. That stuff is just wayyyyy too yummy to ignore for much longer. Oh, and I’m working on a postcard mailing for an upcoming sale — keep your ears tuned! Lea-Ann

5 thoughts on “Top Ten List update”

  1. Yeh, sale. I like sales. I am afraid to think I have 10 items in progress that I am working on, so no list from me. Congrats on those finished items from your list. I think several items on your list are actually other peoples things, true? Does that count as “your” UFO then? Just curious.

  2. Hmm, Mine vs. Others . . . .but if “i” said I’d finish for them without then really asking, then yes, I suppose the job becomes owned by me. I have noticed an interesting phenomena [where is spell check in this program??]though, I’ve actually said “no” to several jobs this week because it isn’t on my top ten list or there isn’t room on my top ten list. Empowering! Lea-Ann

  3. Update on my list- 2 pair U of M socks finished. Back on of Ondine-finished- halfway up front. Boo Hoo- no evening hours for sale: (

  4. 9/23 – yeah, thanks to Lyn’s help, Vicki’s prayer shawl is done. I traded finishing Lyn’s ends on the Baby Bamboo Cardigan for her help finishing Vicki’s shawl. I’ve casted on the 2nd wrister, am going to bind off the Ring of Lace shawl, and am picking new colors to add to the Wrap Me Up. Yeah!

  5. Sale evening hours . . . hmmm, sorry, Jan! I did try and find some time and temporarily had Wednesday evening as a special event but we wouldn’t have it all ready if I didn’t have Wednesday to finish up the back-end paperwork. Plus the kids have teen court on Thursday night and I have to teach the jo-jo heel Saturday morning so didn’t think I could handle a Friday night plus it would be just me with no helpers :-(. I am holding out hope most people can join us on Saturday afternoon.

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