TNNA Overload

Searching for the perfect Yarn

Oh, my! I went to TNNA with one purpose. It was to find a yarn that I could use to design several projects for babies in order to teach some machine knitting technique classes over the next 9 months. Instead, I came home with about 17 project ideas. Because I fell in love with several hand knitting projects and am intrigued by the techniques to work them, Tom and I talked about my teaching hand knitting classes in person at “the Studio” [still trying to figure out what to call the old store] to a limited number of people. I need some opinions here.

Would you be interested in taking hand knitting technique classes once a month for a few months?

Now for some Eye Candy

Do you see a yarn in there suitable for baby knit projects? Um, just the one. Back to square one for my LK150 projects — choosing suitable yarn. My goal for the LK150 classes is to have at least one done this month. I have to get moving!

What about those in person classes??

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