The Votes Are In!

No, I’m not talking about the elections…. I mean for my Felted Door Mitten.  I polled everyone at UFO Night (those who hadn’t already voted online) and I received 2 votes for the green and 2 for the blue.  If I add these votes to the ones online the results are as follows:  Garnet = 1 vote; Hunter Green = 4 votes; Royal Blue = 5 votes.   So….  I will be making my mitten in blue (the first one anyway…)  and will embellish with swirls of white mohair (as in snow) with a sprinkling of beads for sparkle.  I envision a snowy winter twilight when I picture this mitten in my head.  I should be able to cast on shortly, and will post pictures when I’m done.  I can’t wait… I’m so stoked!

3 thoughts on “The Votes Are In!”

  1. Well I am glad you are finally letting us know what color you will use and I went back and looked at what I had suggested and Yeh, you are using the color I recommended. Please keep us posted.

  2. Funny, I was going to ask the same thing as Jan… My snowman is sitting on the sidelines for now. But he has arms and a cute tree button… Too many Christmas presents to finish..

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