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Needed: Your Favorite Reference Book

Over on the Knitting Today facebook page, I posted a question.

What is your favorite reference book?

I don’t know if you all have seen my reference library.


Yep, I have four nine-cube cubbies full. I collection information, not necessarily patterns. So, I have a lot of reference books I could choose from.

Comment either here or on the Knitting Today Facebook Page with your favorite reference book. Once I get ten responses, I’ll post mine. We’ll see if anyone agrees.

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moving right along . . . amazon vs. paypal?

So, my new hours of Monday-Thursday by appointment, and Friday and Saturday, 10-4, seem to be working fine from my end. Not a lot of feedback from the customer so I can only assume it is working just fine.

I’m ordering from Brown Sheep, Plymouth, Mountain Colors, Lorna’s Laces, and other companies on an almost weekly basis. If you have some needs, feel free to let me know and I’ll get it added to the list.

I have a website issues that I need to address. Paypal is only showing on my website when you click through one of the credit card payment methods. I need to get that changed. I’m wondering what payment method you prefer using on the www:

amazon checkout
traditional credit card (V, MC, Disc, AmEx)

Thanks for your input!

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Number vs metric

Well, that’s interesting!


I have known that German needles were sized differently than U.S. sizing, but didn’t pay attention to other Country’s methodology. The proof came while I was cleaning up my needle mess. It isn’t just those two countries. Why do I care, you ask. Because a .5mm in needle sizing can make a difference in your gauge. I found that not all size 2, 3, 6, and 10 1/2 needles are the same mm. What say you? Do you pay attention to mm size or the number assigned to the needle?

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What are your hobbies?

I’m curious . . do you only hand knit? Do you machine knit too? What about weaving, spinning, tatting, crochet? What fiber-y pursuits do you enjoy. If more than one, rank from most to least in the amount of time or pleasure it brings.

If we have 10 people comment, I’ll give away a Knit Happy tumbler. If we have quilters post and tell us about your quilting, I’ll enter you in a separate giveaway for a Quilt Happy notebook.  Comments close in one week, (10/19).

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The frustration of focusing

Does this happen to you?

You focus so much on getting one thing done that everything else falls to the wayside? I fell victim to trying to get my website visually what I want it to look like and ignored all else …. Class Info, blogging, new projects, new ideas ….. Well, no more! I’m going to allow one pomodoro a day to the website and get going on the others.

Can you cheer me on my commenting below? Let me know what you want to see on this blog. Do you pomodoro?

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Where do you go first?

We would like to know just where you find your information about Knitting Today . . . Poll will be open until October 30 and guess what — we have a project giveaway from the new Knitting Today! Magazine! Use the new share button and let all of your friends know about us so we can get as much feedback as possible about how you “connect” or “socialize” with Knitting Today. Register,  Log In and cast your vote right now!

[poll id=”1″]

ETA: You must be a registered user to vote.  I originally had it set so guests could take the poll too, but there is no way to track who is taking the poll for the giveaway then!  Whoops.  If you are one of the first nine people to take the poll, please post in the comments section so I know who you are and you can be registered for the drawing!

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Handwashing Defined????

I would like to get a new washer.  My old one felts things wonderfully.  I’d probably move it over to the store but would have to get rid of the refrigerator to make room 🙁 but now I’m wondering what to get.  First this from Lorna’s Laces.  Then this from Mason-Dixon.  Now its your turn — do you have a frontloader and what yarn have you washed using the handwash cycle?  What was the result? 

P.S.  Stay tuned on Thursday, I’ll announce some winners to our blog contests and will post a new one . . .

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Congrats Ravelry — 500,000 strong and still growing!

Tell me, if you are a member of, just how has it changed your knitting life?  What part of it do you use the most and why?  And, if you haven’t joined up yet?  Why  not . . .

 I just might have some Ravelry schwag to give away to someone come December 1 . . . . please share your thoughts.