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Sock yarn choices

Remember when there was only one or two companies with sock yarn? Now there are hundreds. Do you have a favorite and why? -Color? -wash-ability?

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Number vs metric

Well, that’s interesting! I have known that German needles were sized differently than U.S. sizing, but didn’t pay attention to other Country’s methodology. The proof

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What are your hobbies?

I’m curious . . do you only hand knit? Do you machine knit too? What about weaving, spinning, tatting, crochet? What fiber-y pursuits do you

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The frustration of focusing

Does this happen to you? You focus so much on getting one thing done that everything else falls to the wayside? I fell victim to

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Where do you go first?

We would like to know just where you find your information about Knitting Today . . . Poll will be open until October 30 and

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Handwashing Defined????

I would like to get a new washer.  My old one felts things wonderfully.  I’d probably move it over to the store but would have

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