the danger of finishing a project . . .

starting fifteen more!  The new spring/summer yarns are arriving along with their respective pattern books and leaflets.  I.am.inspired!  I still have a list of projects I want to do from the fall/winter season yarns.  What to do.  Oh, what to do.  I have techniques I want to learn/try/share, I have yarns I want to try, there are new colors of favorite yarns to do new things in, and there are new patterns that inspire . . .  hmmmm!  What do you do?  Lea-Ann

3 thoughts on “the danger of finishing a project . . .”

  1. What project did you finish? You know I have about 6 projects on needles right now and I have trouble deciding which gets my attention first. There is usually one project that is just really calling my name and I start with that one. I finished my Valentine socks last night and also a Valentine dish cloth. I need to knit up another Valentine dishcloth by tomorrow. I am spending too much time on the mitered left over sock yarn… love it. Can’t wait for class on Saturday morning…

  2. I don’t have an answer about what to do. I have hmm several projects on needles as we ‘speak’. I did finally finish Elmer’s socks. They fit around the calf and heel, but are too big around the foot. I offered to rip back and redo the feet but he said no. I think he was just glad to finally have a project that I made for him other than slippers. Meanwhile, the Monkey socks are moving along, unlike the projects that are in the basket patiently(?) awaiting their turn.

  3. I understand that perfectly. But I still keep looking at patterns and yarn and drooling over the new stuff. I wish I was an octopus and could knit 4 projects at once. I have new sock yarn whimpering in the corner begging to be knitted.

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