rambling thoughts . . .

  • Retreat is scheduled for June 13, 14, and 15 — so far one hand knitting instructor, Lorna Miser, and some machine knitting instructors, Michelle Teasley and Ann Yotter for the beginners and I’m still working on the advanced.
  • Sox Hot Spot – we have *hundreds* of skeins of sock yarn on its way from Skacel (Trekking, Disco, Teddy, Step, Fortissima) and Mountain Colors.  We’re already stocking Tofutsies from Southwest Trading Company and Pace from Universal Yarns, two other companies sponsoring the “Think Outside The Sox” competition with XRX Publishing — here’s the link to read more about it: http://thinkoutsidethesox.com/SOX/About_the_Think_Outside_the_SOX_Contest.html — its overwhelming to think of all the sock yarn coming in and and the emphasis being put on socks after all these years.  I really hope some exciting designs come out of it.
  • Our fifteenth — yes 15th! — anniversary is this year.  Tara reminded me, its her birthday – March 30 – that we took delivery of our first box of yarn from Plymouth Yarns and the first shipment of Bond machines — yep, while I was in the hospital.
  • All the new spring/summer yarns are arriving — Susan’s desk is absolutely full and she’s been on vacation for the week so I have a lot of clean-up to do before she arrives to work on Monday.
  • Speaking of cleaning — the store is undergoing a transformation, moving extra copies of patterns to the file cabinet and cleaning out the binders (look for discontinued products to come), moving machines around so I can concentrate on just one, making room for the new yarns, highlighting new projects, etc.
  • And, cats and dogs — keep your knitting away from them!  They like patterns, yarn, AND needles!  Not one report this week, but at least three people have had problems. 
  • FO to report — the girls clogs are done.  They love how warm their feet feel.  I wish I’d made more of an effort to get them done at the beginning of the year.
  • Socks!  I’m almost done with my Smoking Hot Socks.  She used the JoJo heel and I’m anxious to get them on my feet and try it out. I’ve done a test fit right after knitting the first heel and I *really* like it.  I have two other pairs at the heel point (some stash yarn, Fortissima Mexiko and Regia Jubilee) and really need to get them done before its time to switch to sandals.
  • Tom’s working for me today — uploading ebay.  It would be nice to eliminate several piles of stash/magazines/books that I no longer need.  Bid, bid, bid!  Our ebay username is: bondknitter.
  • Trunk Shows coming up:  Get Started Knitting Socks March 3-8; SWTC Baby March 10-21 (I think). 
  • UFO Night: Friday, March 7

I thought putting these rambling thoughts out there might help clear my mind to focus on other things . . . onward!

4 thoughts on “rambling thoughts . . .”

  1. Yeah! Glad to see a date for retreat! I have been working on socks too! WHat else is new. Making those Sweet Dreams socks in Butter Peeps. The lovely yellow shows up better than the blue in the pattern. The cable is a little thick and I might skip it on the foot part.

  2. That darn cat! My fault (somewhat) for leaving the Sweet Dreams socks within range and not there to say BAD CAT. Have not started knitting yet to see if the broken yarn will be noticable in the feel, hopefully it will not. Have marked the calendar for retreat. Have not heard of this women for hand knitting so I will have to google her. Cannot wait for the new sock yarns to come to the store. Just what I do not need but just what I cannot wait to come. All the pretty colors and such, ooh la la! Hopefully today can be catch up knit time. Weather looks to be perfect for staying in, getting the fire going, putting in a tape, and knitting on those socks.


  3. Sock yarn….did you say…..SOCK YARN?! Squeeeeee, I am so excited that I am coming over tomorrow now, and you know I will definitely be there on March 7th. I am excited to see all the new yarny scrumpdiddlyumcious!

  4. I will definetely be there for UFO night also, sounds like so much sock yarn goodness. My cable beaded mittens are coming along really well and I will bring them to UFO night. I have one slipper done and am starting the other… Oh so much knitting to do.

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