Tara’s Fashion Findings (with Knitting!)


I am so ecstatic about some new outfits I put together in the past few days.  My outfit is missing something though.  My mom and some customers started looking around and came up with an idea from the yarn store!

This scarf  is called the Four Seasons and there is many samples made in many different types of yarns in the store, hence the name Four Seasons. This sample is featured in Vizions, a 68% Rayon; 29% Linen; 3% Nylon blend.  We were thinking if we made this out of the Purple/Steel/Mint color combo, it could match my t-shirt as an accessory. It could be a scarf or a belt with a matching button.

Vizions is an interesting knit, as it has a double yarn over and purls on the next row.  Nancy is going to be leading a class on this scarf  on July 23rd at 10 am. You better stop in if you would like to make this scarf! It’s a timeless classic for any season and style. I know I’ll be there to knit it!

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