Since it has been days without rain, we are watering our flowers with the collection barrels. We have found a couple small toads hopping around in our small habitat enjoying our soil. The flowers are blooming (and dying since it has been a couple days). But we did find a new treat! Radishes! We actually never planted radishes, and we don’t eat many.  Apparently, only I eat radishes when at a salad bar; I thought it was normal.

We do have a cucumber plant as always and tomatoes. They need to grow. Let’s just keep our garden growing and hoping the bunnies don’t munch on our healthy treats. When they are all ready to pick off, you can help yourself to some of our garden veggies. We planted to share! How is your summer garden doing? – Tara

P.S. my grandma came to visit for my graduation party and weeded the tomatoes, picked the radishes, and watered everything.  Hope the flowers make it through the July 4th holiday heat!

1 thought on “Gardening”

  1. Hope you had a wonderful party! Enjoy the garden and even the toads. Here you have to worry about spiders and snakes and such but the weather has defeated any gardening here in West Texas as we have had no rain for over 8 months. We are being very friendly with the rabbits that has found our back yard but sure wish we had some tomatoes and peppers too.

    Enjoy your summer before school starts again…

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