Tara picked 17

Is that because she will turn 17 next year?  Anyways, number 17 was . . . drumroll please, Nancy Wilson! 

Nancy receiving her winning book, Knitted Gifts
Nancy receiving her winning book, Knitted Gifts

And here she is just sitting down after a hard day of teaching. 
No, she isn’t an employee, but is a valuable part of our teaching team and she was teaching the Three Tams using a two-handed Fair Isle technique.  One tam took a skein of Silk Garden and a skein of Shepherd’s Wool





Everyone who took the class made the project their own:


A selection of colorways used for the Three Tams pattern

 We’re ready for our next Noro Kureyon or Silk Garden project;  it doesn’t matter if its sock or worsted weight.  Post a  link to a picture of your project and tell us a little bit about it in your comments.  On December 25, yes Christmas Day, I’ll have Haley pick a number and the matching commenter will receive a Knit Happy insulated tumbler!

Thank you to Passing Down Crazy and Mckmama for pointing the way to doing a photo collage.  I have a lot to learn but it was fun getting started . . . .

4 thoughts on “Tara picked 17”

  1. Now that my yarn has arrived I am excited about trying to make this hat. I hope my version turns out as nice at the ones in the pictures. So how does one do a photo collage? I guess that is my next google request….

    Nancy sure looks like she is enjoying her new book.

  2. I’d like to make a suggestion for the next Noro project? I just (yesterday!) planned and started an EZ Adult Surprise Jacket in Noro Silk Garden. I’m using four different colorways of Noro Silk Garden, but more (or fewer) could be chosen.

    1. Hi Susan: I’m sure it’ll be lovely. The store model has seven colors and I had to continually tell Penny to not try and plan her colors, to just grab a ball out of the bag and continue. I think she did end up eliminating an obnoxious red from one of the balls, if I remember. Its been a few years now. I would like to make one, but am thinking along the lines of the Rambling Rows Jacket instead, so I have vertical lines at my behind. Can’t wait to see yours. I’ll upload a picture of ours as soon as I figure out how to do it from this screen ;-). Lea-Ann

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