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Cassidy progress


Today, I want to knit…. Here is what I’ll be working on in between church, dinner with the family, finishing a stocking for a customer, and hopefully cruising Pretty Lake in the sunshine.

I did have to make changes and I don’t know if I told you about them. The sleeves start with a cable instead I’d ribbing. This necessitated changing the cast on number, the increase rate for my short arms, and maintaining the pattern. My calculations called for increases every five rows, yuck! So I’m doing then every other than every fourth row. I ned to have this sweater done by Stitches Midwest. Can I do it?

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Memorial Day, A Visit With Lorna, Cassidy update

Memorial Day, celebrating the sacrifices men have made for our Country and our lives.  It is also the end of the month, the beginning of Summer, and the start of June. Oh my! There is so much to do and no time to do it, but at least it is getting lighter so when I wake up early, I can actually see to do things. Will I get more accomplished or just be overwhelmed because I can see everything that needs to be done?  Anyways . . . mark your calendar for:

June 16, 9-4, a Visit With Lorna — this is an event uniquely planned for Knitting Today. She will be bringing her Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting projects and telling us the stories, and the stories behind the stories. She’ll be showing us how to do techniques, talking about yarn and choices, and getting us started on a project of our choice form the book. It will be a relaxing day for us, crazy for her, and more info can be found at

Cassidy update: I can’t pass up an opportunity to tell you what is happening with Cassidy.  I started the sleeves.  I am modifying the pattern so it starts right into the cables without doing ribbing because i didn’t want the ribbing to hug my pear-shaped body.  The back/fronts look good.  The sleeves are about 4 inches to wide around the wrist.  Do I do the ribbing?  Do I cut back the number of stitches so they start at 8″ and change the sleeve shaping appropriately?  What would you do?  What do you think I’ll decide to do? 

Have a wonderful day!!

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Packing it up

It is my last morning to sit on the porch outside in 70 degree weather with my first cup of coffee in the morning. I hear the weather back in Indiana isn’t so nice.

A little progress was made on Cassidy. I had to figure out where I was, tear down and fix some cable crosses and then make sure the sleeve shaping was going to fit my body. Mission accomplished. I even figured out how to cross a cable during bind off! Now I am wondering if I should fix the back cable bind off rows?

Progress was also made on redoing the cap sleeve shaping of the Galway sweater. That will be a separate post on what wasn’t liked, what I did to fix It and hopefully a good picture of Sue with it fitting.

I will knit in the Mountain Colors shawl at the airport. Wonder how many stitches I have on the needles now?

Giveaway results will come in tomorrow’s post, so stay tuned… in the meantime, susan tells me we now have water bottles with the knit happy sheep on them. Would you like one? Comment on something you have had to fix or repair and how you did it, including the tools used if any… if we go over 25 commenters, I will make it two prizes so share a link to this blog with your friends.

The other major accomplishment while I have been away was to learn css for the website redesign. I hope the new site plans can progress now!

Wow! Look how much the beans have grown.


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Surgery = progress (or different kind of surgery?)


So, a four to six hour heart surgery means about six hours of knitting times so far today. I figured it would be a good time to concentrate on sleeve and AT THE SAME TIME neck shaping on Cassidy. I am ready to do a cable cross and realize there are not enough rows between cables on the right front but okay on the left….. taking a break before I go back to surgery to fix this….

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An Old Flame and a New Love

We have just gotten new stock (and re-stocked a few colors) of Galway Worsted and I am reminded once again of how much I like this yarn. There is definitely a place in my knitting for the lofty, super-soft merinos such as Shepherd’s Wool, but Galway is what I want when I desire something a little more hard-wearing. I just adore the heather tones- so much so that I have a sweater’s worth of color 738 Lichen Heather in my stash. It was originally bought for the Cassidy but who knows- I may come across something equally fabulous and change my mind. I do know that no matter what I create with it, I will enjoy every minute of knitting and wearing it. Galway will forever be a love of mine.

And then we have the new flame Plymouth Tweed . Those who know me know that I am not what you would call adventurous by any stretch of the imagination. I am a fairly conservative knitter and I have no problem with a rustic feeling wool. When I knit a swatch of this at the yarn tasting it was love at first stitch. I really like that it has the look of Donegal, but is not nearly as stiff. Not overly soft, just not what I would consider a vintage feel. I picture the Neck Down Hooded Tunic for Women by Knitting Pure and Simple done in this. I don’t know what it is with me and hoods…. I am without a doubt going to do the Moxie by c2knits.

Moxie by c2knits

Moxie by c2knits
 I think it’s so cute and I like the way it fastens with the button. I am working on getting this one in the system. It will be a knit-along after the first of the year in case you’re interested. Drat!! I am having issues uploading the pic but keep watching the website- it is coming soon!

I am coming along well on my daughter’s stocking…. right about at 2/3 done. I have a set amount that I have to do each night as I am bound and determined that it will be hanging up Christmas Eve. Not an easy task by any means but I have the carrot of knitting dangling before my nose- right now I simply don’t have much time for knitting. I like seeing the picture develop and my daughter’s excitement at watching it progress has been a lot of fun. It may not be as quick as knitting but I still get that sense of accomplishment.

Happy Knitting (or crafting, baking, shopping, wrapping or whatever else this holiday season finds you doing)

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the day after UFO night

and I’m taking stock on what I was able to get done and don’t want to think about how much I need to go . . . a couple rows of Cassidy, which actually is a huge accomplishment considering that I’m knitting a huge size and I combined the fronts/back.  I did maintain some decreases at the waistline but increased back out to my bust size.  I want it fitting, but not fitted; if you know what I mean.  I am absolutely loving working in the Shepherd’s Wool worsted and my color is Great Lakes.   Here’s the current pic:

Cassidy Back Cassidy fronts

Also on UFO night, we caught up on some giveaways.  Jan had won Tom’s FCCTCC contest and she used the gift certificate toward Lorna Miser’s Faith, Hope, Love book and some yarn, I believe.  I’m a little foggy after staying up a couple hours later than normal.  Natalie and Jan had both won Knit Happy Notebooks in a pre-Stitches Midwest post too.  Here’s a picture with Haley standing in for Natalie. 

Haley and Jan with Knit Happy notepads

And, here’s the gang, happily knitting away.  Its so much fun and I love having everyone gathered here.  Haley took these candid shots and while everyone seemed to be smiling, I see she caught a few looking not so happy . . . and then some snuck out before the pictures even began. 
Natalie at UFO nightNancy at UFO nightInis at UFO nightUFO knitters
. . . thanks knitters!!  -Lea-Ann

P.S. Sneak preview:  Zauerball and the new Knitters!

Zauerball and Knitters Fall 2009 K96

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Chic Knits Knitalong starts July 23, 6-9

Hi there . . . we’re wrapping up the Slant on Nature knitalong and everyone is gearing up for the Chic Knits.  If you purchased your yarn for it here at Knitting Today, join us in a FREE knitalong Thursday evening July 23, from 6-9 (if you purchased your yarn elsewhere, the class fee is $50).  Everyone needs to pre-register so I know how many to expect as well a what pattern you are doing so I can start thinking about any modifications that might need to be made for fit, etc.  Call us at 260-351-2260.  Oh, if you don’t have your pattern yet, please let me know as we have them available and I’ll hold one for you!  – Lea-Ann

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Cassidy Knitalong starting soon . . .

We love designer Bonne Marie Burns, ChicKnits, designs and her design Cassidy is calling my name.  I have seen pictures on ravelry of it with a collar instead of a hood and I just love it.  I’ve done two lace designs now and I’m ready to get back to cables.  So, anyone want to join in our knitalong?  I’m looking for the perfect daytime/evening; day of the week to get it rolling.  If you want on the list for hte pattern, let me know.  And, of course, I’m doing mine in Shepherd’s Wool so get your color picked out now if you want it so we can be sure and have adequate stock.  Looking forward to a new project . . . Lea-Ann