Surgery = progress (or different kind of surgery?)


So, a four to six hour heart surgery means about six hours of knitting times so far today. I figured it would be a good time to concentrate on sleeve and AT THE SAME TIME neck shaping on Cassidy. I am ready to do a cable cross and realize there are not enough rows between cables on the right front but okay on the left….. taking a break before I go back to surgery to fix this….

3 thoughts on “Surgery = progress (or different kind of surgery?)”

  1. I guess I should have looked at the blog before writing something on FB. I guess the shawl got upsurped by the sweater. I went back and looked at your project page and noticed the colors are really different. The picture here looks much darker than the one on Rav, which is the truer version? I am going with the one above. Keep us posted on progress of both things, Mom and sweater. It would be nice to mark another thing off your list, right? Take care….

  2. A. Warped, Knitter

    Glad that you can concentrate on knitting during worrisome times. I hope that your mom comes through beautifully and that your knitting (both of the concentration intensive projects) does too.

  3. Busy hands can be helpful at a stressful time. Certainly better than a 1 pound bag of M&Ms. I continue to pray for your Mom’s speedy recovery.

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