Memorial Day, A Visit With Lorna, Cassidy update

Memorial Day, celebrating the sacrifices men have made for our Country and our lives.  It is also the end of the month, the beginning of Summer, and the start of June. Oh my! There is so much to do and no time to do it, but at least it is getting lighter so when I wake up early, I can actually see to do things. Will I get more accomplished or just be overwhelmed because I can see everything that needs to be done?  Anyways . . . mark your calendar for:

June 16, 9-4, a Visit With Lorna — this is an event uniquely planned for Knitting Today. She will be bringing her Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting projects and telling us the stories, and the stories behind the stories. She’ll be showing us how to do techniques, talking about yarn and choices, and getting us started on a project of our choice form the book. It will be a relaxing day for us, crazy for her, and more info can be found at https://knittingtoday.com/go.mvc?id=lorna2010.

Cassidy update: I can’t pass up an opportunity to tell you what is happening with Cassidy.  I started the sleeves.  I am modifying the pattern so it starts right into the cables without doing ribbing because i didn’t want the ribbing to hug my pear-shaped body.  The back/fronts look good.  The sleeves are about 4 inches to wide around the wrist.  Do I do the ribbing?  Do I cut back the number of stitches so they start at 8″ and change the sleeve shaping appropriately?  What would you do?  What do you think I’ll decide to do? 

Have a wonderful day!!

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