Packing it up

It is my last morning to sit on the porch outside in 70 degree weather with my first cup of coffee in the morning. I hear the weather back in Indiana isn’t so nice.

A little progress was made on Cassidy. I had to figure out where I was, tear down and fix some cable crosses and then make sure the sleeve shaping was going to fit my body. Mission accomplished. I even figured out how to cross a cable during bind off! Now I am wondering if I should fix the back cable bind off rows?

Progress was also made on redoing the cap sleeve shaping of the Galway sweater. That will be a separate post on what wasn’t liked, what I did to fix It and hopefully a good picture of Sue with it fitting.

I will knit in the Mountain Colors shawl at the airport. Wonder how many stitches I have on the needles now?

Giveaway results will come in tomorrow’s post, so stay tuned… in the meantime, susan tells me we now have water bottles with the knit happy sheep on them. Would you like one? Comment on something you have had to fix or repair and how you did it, including the tools used if any… if we go over 25 commenters, I will make it two prizes so share a link to this blog with your friends.

The other major accomplishment while I have been away was to learn css for the website redesign. I hope the new site plans can progress now!

Wow! Look how much the beans have grown.


13 thoughts on “Packing it up”

  1. Most recent fix was a simple dropped stitch in stockinette but by the time I found it it was 4 inches later. Ok – true confession time- I was knitting in the dark while traveling in the car. It was a smidge tedious, running all those stitches up but easily done and undetectable, I might add. The reason that I keep crochet hooks of various sizes in my knit kit.
    Cassidy looks great. Makes me want to knit one too.
    I finished the Sassy and found I do not have the figure for it. It deserves a more straight up and down figure. My granddaughter looks fab in it. So it has a good home and it is her current favorite color.
    I have to give a big shout out to my DD and her huge accomplishments. She graduated last Saturday magna cum laude with a degree in mechanical engineering. I am a very proud Mom.

  2. I have been wondering where you went to… glad that you will be coming back soon. It’s almost lake time by the way!! I am very bad about fixing problems in my knitting. It’s Jan’s fault.. she told me about the Amish mantra that only God makes perfect items and I am now a follower of that belief. My most recent fix though was finding a dropped stitch in my sock.. I don’t use a crochet hook to pick up, I just keep knitting the stitch until I am where I want to be.. I shouldn’t tell all my secrets..

  3. Hi there, Lea-Ann,
    So much for my very basic HTML skills–Search on the Knitting Today site for SEED STITCHER since I can’t figure out how to get the link to appear correctly! Grrrr!! I guess I need an HTML stitcher, LOL!

    How’s your Mom doing after her surgery? Does she knit, too, or do other crafts?

    I still say my favorite tool for fixing stuff is the Seed Stitcher. I love the latch hooks at both ends, since, as a blind person, using a crochet hook to pick up stitches feels a little less secure to me, especially when fixing garter stitch. I typically only frog now if it’s a super goof. In a pinch, I’d like to figure out Natalie’s strategy!

    Tina Ektermanis, Greeley, Colorado, USA

  4. I made a sweater for my mom. I gave it to her when I went to visit and she loved it. About 2 weeks after I had given it to her she said she thought the sleeves were a little to long and hadn’t worn it (she really didn’t want to tell me).
    I told her that I would fix it, I really spent a good quality of time on it, as I did not want it to never be worn (by golly, I want her to wear it out). I really didn’t know what I was going to do until I came my knit doctor, Lea-Ann, who informed me that I didn’t
    have to tear it out, thank God, I just had to cut it off.
    It really isn’t as bad as it sounds. Not only is Lea-Ann a good knit doctor, she is also a good teacher. I was able to cut it off and knit the trim, which was a cable, back on.
    Thanks Lea-Ann:)

  5. Well, I’m going to have to copy Lisa – I made a sweater for my mom, the sleeves were too long, and so I cut them shorter, and reknit the cuffs! All it took for tools were a pair of scissors and steady hands!

    Welcome back!

  6. Hey there again,
    Though it doesn’t necessarily have to do with “fixing” things, I recently learned how to do the Russian Join, where you sort of pull the yarn ends back into themselves after looping them around one another. I had to go and buy a needle threader and tapestry needles, since I don’t like to sew pieces together, and I’d long forgotten where I’d put the ones that I have around here somewhere. It’s an absolutely beautiful join, and is all but unnoticeable when stitches are close together. If anything, there’s a slight bit of thickness for a stitch or two with either knitting or crochet, and there are no knots to come undone. It’s the first time I’ve ever really gotten excited about using a tapestry needle and needle threader for much of anything! *big grin*. If you learn how to do it, you’ll love it!
    Tina Ektermanis, Greeley, Colorado, USA

  7. For those of you who have cut off and reknitted ends of sleeves, how on earth do you cut the fabric without it unraveling all over the place? Do you have to insert a lifeline of sorts, to keep the loops from dropping and creating ladders? Very curious. I’ve never tried it, and think that I’d have to figure out how to do it with a small swatch before I’d ever attempt it on a larger piece of work!

  8. First of all, it’s nice to have you back and to hear that your Mom is doing well. I think the best tool for fixing things I’ve ever come across is your seed stitcher. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to correct stitches in a project when I have fallen asleep while I was knitting. I think my hands just have a mind of their own and oftentimes I end up purling where I should have knitted or whatever. It’s usually sometime the next day when I look back and see where the mistake is and it’s sometimes several inches back. That little tool is invaluable. Thanks!

  9. Hi there, Debby,
    Yay, another Seed Stitcher fan! I’ve just plain figured out that I shouldn’t knit if I’m very tired, since I just end up losing stitches all over the place, only realizing that once I wake up and find my knitting in my lap. Crochet on the other hand, I can do until I fall asleep, with the only consequence being that I end up retrieving my crochet hook from the floor later, *grin*.
    Tina Ektermanis, Greeley, Colorado, USA

  10. Wow, where has everyone gone? The UFO thread has a ton of comments (well 64), and hardly anyone’s posted over here except for a handful of us. Either way, whatever everyone’s doing, have an enjoyable, peaceful, and safe Memorial Day weekend!

  11. Hi Tina, i think they are all waiting to find out if they won on the UFO thread before posting on the Fix it thread :-0 . . . . better get busy with that. usually it is a simple pick a number from 1-? but with this giveaway, i need to eliminate duplicates and wasn’t sure how to go about it. But now I do, more later, DH is calling me for coffee down at the lake.

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