State Road 3’s Very Own by Tara McGregor

State Road 3’s Very Own

You’ve heard it’s a knitting shop

Instead of a fish food place

What’s wrong with that?

You so don’t have a clue

It’s small and cozy

A place to chit chat and be nosy.

There is colors galore!

You’ll find yourself wanting more!

They have a great staff of people who are always nice

They will help and make your knitting precise.

I want you to know

It’s more than a knitting store

Knitting Today is a place of Family

For knitting and more…. -tlm

(author note: this was about my mom’s store. i wanted to write it weeks ago but wrote it yesterday. Knitting Today is a family because you have no clue how many people take care of us and stuff. they are usually always back for more. lol. It is also a family business. just so you guys know)

Written December 17, 2008 and posted on http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/knitting-today/449900/1-25#4

P.S.  The store is formerly known as Kreb’s Bait Shop.

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