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Knitter's Block

Just popping in to tell you all about a few new things.  My favorite of which would be the Knitter’s Block  kit.  I have these big interlocking foam pieces that are actually meant for the floor in a playroom or whatever.  And I do like them, but this kit is so much better.  It includes 9, 12″ square tiles that have a slightly nappy fabric on one side that prevents your projects from sliding around (mine do not- I have to use a towel, which slows drying), 20 T-pins, and a 100% Egyptian cotton pressing cloth.  Of course, directions are included as well.  I pile my tiles in the corner (when the kids aren’t working on completely destroying them); these come in a lovely tote that has a snap-close strap at the top.  I’m totally diggin’ ’em.

Check out the New March items and you’ll find some fun stitch markers, as well as a little sheep zipper charm.   Don’t overlook the new Knitter’s – Winter 2010.  The sweater on the cover is knit in Tatamy Tweed DK.  This issue is full of color and textures- specifically cables.  I know I say this about every issue, but it really is a good one.

Quick update on my “Morning Frost”.  I am about 6″ into the second half.  I had to put it down for a few days to start a pair of socks.  I’m hoping to work on it tonight at the kids’ youth group meeting as it is easy enough that I can still listen to what’s going on.  Or is that offensive?  To knit when someone is giving a lesson, I mean.  I have a gal that knits at Bible study, but as I am a knitter it doesn’t bother me.  Hmm…. I am going to go on the theory that if it bothers someone they can tell me.  Until then, I shall knit!

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