Congrats Ravelry — 500,000 strong and still growing!

Tell me, if you are a member of, just how has it changed your knitting life?  What part of it do you use the most and why?  And, if you haven’t joined up yet?  Why  not . . .

 I just might have some Ravelry schwag to give away to someone come December 1 . . . . please share your thoughts. 

8 thoughts on “Congrats Ravelry — 500,000 strong and still growing!”

  1. I have been a member of Ravelry for several years and can waste, oh I mean spend quality time, searching for patterns, yarns plus much more for hours on end a day. I have found patterns that I have used, books that I have also used and if I was thinking of getting a book or a yarn I can go on Rav and research to see if it is what I really want and how it knits up. So joining Rav has really made things good for me. I think that I may not have found or seen certain patterns or yarns or even books if I had not been browsing around on this great site. It is one of my must do computer things everyday but I also must learn to limit myself and knit instead of playing on Rav.

  2. I have been a member for a while now. I still don’t use it all it’s features. I enjoy interacting with other people who enjoy knitting and crochet and not feeling intimidated. I like the various groups because if I have a specific question it targets people likely to have an answer.

    I also enjoy seeing other’s projects and getting ideas.

  3. I love it for researching patterns, yarns, etc. as well as seeing what the rest of the “world” is doing (outside NE IN). I also like the groups, KAL’s and swaps.

  4. Mary Ann Bucklin

    I agree with Mary! I love to look at the photos of FO’s that I want to make. It has helped me make decisions on which projects I want to do. I also like being able to put patterns in queue so I can find them again.

  5. I use Ravelry for pattern searching, keeping up with what friends are making, and for information on yarns. There’s so much information available and so many helpful people just a click away if I get stuck and can’t figure something out.

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