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Bettie Boop Bag

I always look forward to the new patterns from Nora Bellows aka Noni.  I think she is immensly talented.  She doesn’t dissapoint with her new bag patterns.  To the right is the The Bettie Boop Bag.  It is so flirty, girly, sexy, what with the bling in the middle of the flowers, not to mention the flowers themselves.  Doesn’t it just reek of femininity?  Very aptly named, I think.  We have the pattern, and all the hardware to complete the bag.  And of course, we have the Shepherd’s Wool that her samples are done in.  As she has done in the past, Nora has made the Bling Flower pattern available separately, so if you love the flowers, but the bag not so much, you can still get the flower pattern.  And if you love the Sparkle Rivets (the bling in the middle of the flowers) but have a totally different idea in mind, you can get those individually, as well.  They are available in four colors (pink, green, clear, and black) and two sizes (10mm and 7mm). 

Bedouin Bag

Also new from Noni Bags is the Bedouin Bag.  The ridges are simple to create, but sure do add to the visual appeal.   They give it kind of a scrunchy look without compromising the space in the bag.   Click on the link above to see the specs on the sizing, but trust me when I say that the biggest size is BIG!  As in, you could carry a small child in it big.  Now that’s my kind of bag.  I carry absolutely everything I might possible need if standed somewhere, whether that somewhere be the peaks of the Alps or the most remote part of the Saraha.  I am carrying a somewhat smaller bag right now and am busting at the seams- really, I cannot close the bag.  Maybe I should add this to my Rav queue?  

Happy Knitting, all! 

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