New Fino colors just in!


These new Fino (by Alpaca With a Twist) colors are fan-stinking-tastic!  I cannot keep from touching them as I walk by.  I have already decided to whip up a pair of wristers in the Tamarind and Diamusee Fine in color 117 .  Trying to come to a decision as to what to do with the Olive Grove, besides simply sitting and stroking it.  I’ve not forayed into lace yet, but this yarn is calling to me. 



2 thoughts on “New Fino colors just in!”

  1. Susan, come on over to the dark side. Just kidding. I love knitting lace. Something about how it looks before you block and the seeming miracle that happens when it’s blocked must makes me smile.
    I also love to fondle the Fino.

  2. Hee Hee . . . . I think Susan’s already transferred over. Her daughter’s cross stitch Christmas stocking lies unworked while she starts another project — LOL — And, maybe someday I’ll set up a recorder so everyone can hear susan’s oohs and aahs while she fondles the fiber as it comes out of the box — ROFL. Lea-Ann

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