You know you lead a sad life when . . . .

you wake up an hour early in the morning and the most exciting thing to do is cruise Ravelry and see what everyone else is knitting 😉 . . . . join our Group:  http://www.ravelry.com/groups/knitting-today . . . are you coming to Superbowl Sunday (February 3, noon-6)?  Oh, and if your on our quasi-local mailing list, look for your postcard in the mail.  Post and let us know!  — Lea-Ann

2 thoughts on “You know you lead a sad life when . . . .”

  1. I also lead a sad life…I do not necessarily wake an hour early but almost first thing I am on the computer finishing the crossword puzzle in the TV Guide or doing something as silly. I have sites I go to for help with the clues. Kind of sad but the puzzle must get finished. Should be there on Sunday for the big football discount. This is my year for the 50% versus the 10%… Might even see you on Friday with chips and dip. Still cannot find the good dip, sorry.

  2. Well, then I lead a sad life this morning 😛 I decided to stay up and attempt to knit again, and I knitted my first swatch. Then jumped on Ravelry, same as you. (After ordering yarn for my new project!)

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