Lower your heating bill?

I read in a DIY magazine this morning, that if you lower your heat thermostat by 2 degrees Fahrenheit that you could save $180 a year.  Many of you know we’ve been remodeling our house in order to quit heating with electric ceiling coil heat from 1968 supplemented by a woodstove from the 1970s and have moved to gas forced-air and along with it A/C [which I am soooo thankful to have!].  In connection with this remodel, we’ve had to tear down ceilings, redo walls, and live in general messy disarray for about a year.  Well, Wednesday of this week the downstairs came back together.  A lovely Bryson Canyon colorway on the wall [think sunset], the furniture and television center back in place and a new open path to the backdoor.  But, while sitting downstairs watching television, we all feel slightly chilly (this is a tri-level, so part of it is insulated cement block).  When I read this article this morning, I had a quick vision of Mr. Rogers walking in and changing his shoes and coat for indoor shoes and a cardigan.  Isn’t that wierd?  What I saw was a rack with decorative knobs and hooks screwed to the wall by the back door downstairs.  On that rack were cardigan sweaters with nice matching zipper pulls, one for each of us, all in the new Shepherd’s Wool.  I saw this movie in my mind playing itself out, everyone coming in the house, slipping off their shoes and putting them in their cubby by the front door, putting on their Felted Clogs from the Fiber Trends pattern, meandering downstairs and slipping into their cozy cardigan.  Now, it might have to be zippered hoodies for my girls but right now I’m personally into cardigans — on again/off again, you know.  I’m not sure about the boys, will have to ask them.  I have a couple of designs in mind that I’ll need to track down, one of Mary Anne Oger’s from a few issues back in Knitwords and a button-down from the Purl Stitch book (which I think I could interpret to the machine).  And I really like the Iain cable hoodie sweater from Figheadh which I need to get ordered and do a knitalong with.  Getting off the subject, saving money by reducing heat costs . . . what do you think?  Have you done it and how have you used your savings?  Did you buy yarn with it?  I can get four really nice-quality wool sweaters for $180 out of the Shepherds Wool.  Should that be on my next top ten list?   
— Lea-Ann

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  1. We lowered our heat temperature several years ago and I have been cold ever since. As the air outside gets dryer we then put a pot of water on the stove to put moisture in the air and amazingly that makes the house warmer. So I have deduced from this that the humidity in the house needs to be a little higher if we lower the temperature. I buy yarn no matter what so the savings from lowering the temp, who knows where that goes, probably right back into the pot.

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