I recall saying once….

that I would never be one of those crazy women with a “stash” of yarn just sitting around.  I know…. how absurd to even think it possible.  I was reminded of this comment this weekend when my son snapped at me “Why is there more yarn on my dresser?  Can’t you put it somewhere else?”.  In my defense, his dresser is in the dining room because we are remodeling the entire upstairs (it is completely gutted at the moment) so it’s not like I ventured into his private chamber to plop my yarn onto his dresser.  It was the closest flat surface when I unloaded the bag.  To answer his question- No, there isn’t anywhere else to put my yarn.  I had already covered his sister’s dresser with a bag and a tub; the extra dining room chair has a bin of Cascade 220 and fun fur waiting to be turned into Alpine Boots – not to mention the several bags of already started projects strewn about the house.  What to do with all this yarn that is turning my children against me?  Well, I had a brainstorm while packing up the summer clothes in one of those giant Space Bags.  I admit that I have some yarn that I have no idea, at this point in time, what it will someday become so why not throw it in with the clothes and vacuum seal it?  Yep, that’s what I did.   Won’t it be fun next spring to open up that “box” of clothes to find that delicious yarn just waiting for me?   And as a bonus my son can stop whining at me.


4 thoughts on “I recall saying once….”

  1. Wow ! What a great idea. I had to send my daughter to college to get room for a bigger yarn stash. Space bags would make room for even more.

  2. I’ve seen 5 kids leave the nest… the stash continues to grow. I am sorry to say that there will come a time when you simply have to turn to the KM and Hand Needles and just keep knitting. Avoid any situations that allow yarn fondling lol

  3. You know your son is just going to find something else to whine about.. it might as well be yarn. The other weekend my husband told me he thinks I have a problem.. what can one woman do with so much yarn? I have been very good lately and just knitting from my stash like a mad woman. But alas there are times when yarn calls me no matter what my resolve and yes it is usually sock yarn…

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