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*(Knit, tear out, reknit)repeat from*

Group knitting is the best. It gives you time to catch up and visit with friends, make new friends, and eat. Oh, and knit too!!


Members of the Creative Machine Knitters gather together once a month in Fort Wayne and once a quarter meet at Knitting Today. Occasionally, it’s a knit-in and we spend the day. Here, Terri, Kathy and Darla are discussing their next projects. Darla, Kathy and I were all going to knit Stormy Weather, a tunic pattern by Mary Anne Oger and Terri is starting a top also by Mary Anne called ?? All published in KnitStyle, now out of print.


My Stormy Weather is knit in Linen Concerto, color 75, oceana-type colors. This is a sport weight yarn made of rayon, linen and cotton, that I expect to be a three season garment. Instead of the tunic, I’m making it a hooded cardigan. I’m a little concerned about the length because I’m short waisted, and this is knit side-to-side but I figure as a cardigan it doesn’t have to fit lengthwise as much as widthwise. That was after knitting half the back once, holding it up, and deciding to do a different size (and, no, I didn’t do a gauge swatch… Shhhhh!!). I think Darla is the only one who made progress without having to tear out for one reason or another. Thankfully on the machines it is a quick reknit. Both Terri, who is using Hempathy a linen blend s well, and I found using Easy Knit Spray helped these yarns knit smoother on the Lk-150s.


I’m wondering how common our knit, tear out, reknit experience might be. Do you find you have to tear out after group knitting session, hand or machine? If so, tell me your opinion about what causes it. Doors that stop you from gathering?

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