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Calendar Testing

I’m continually (and slowly) working on a website redesign and update and one of the things I’ve wanted to put online is a calendar of classes that is easy for me and my staff to update.   I think I’ve found it in the google calendar app.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

– Lea-Ann

3 thoughts on “Calendar Testing

  1. I think this will be a real plus for the new and even current web site.

  2. another limitation I’ve found is that you can’t include a clickable link to a website or a .pdf for downloading. Would be very useful if people could click the link and take them to a sign-up page . . wishful thinking?

  3. That would be great, Lea-ann. But I do like the calendar. You can see at a glance what’s happening, and when. It’s great!

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