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January DreamClub - Groovy

A quick post, that is!  Thought I would give an update on the Friday projects.  I have to admit that I had forgotten a few errands in addition to groceries, so I was in town much longer than anticipated.  Somehow that always happens to me.  I got home just in time to get the groceries put away when Sarah got off the bus, and then I had to pick some kids up from a school ski trip, and supper and all and the next thing I know the whole day is shot.  I did make time to finish the DreamClub scarf and I must say that I am pleased with it.  It’s so cute.

As for the Door Mitten.  Funny story.  I was busy, busy, busy on Saturday with kids’ friends over and all kinds of things.  I took the mitten with me to the annual High School FFA Basketball tournament.  I figured it was a good, no think round and round knit that I couldn’t screw up.  (yeah, I can hear you laughing)  If you have ever been to an FFA basketball game you know how intense they can be.  We are talking all out barn ball in some cases. There was one team in particular that I remembered as being very nasty from last year and as soon I saw them on the court with my baby boy I was all keyed up, knitting like crazy.  Sometime after the half, I looked down and realized that at some point in the game I had turned my knitting around and had been knitting on the inside!!!  I was so frustrated with myself.  I took out the offending rounds and shoved it back in the bag.  I had forgiven myself by Sunday and was going to finish it, but ended up staying at my in-laws playing cards with the Youth Fellowship group all day.  We had a very good time but the mitten languished in my knitting bag.   Still haven’t finished it.  Maybe tonight?  If things go well I will have pictures of a lovely finished mitten by week’s end.

Oh, I never did get time to spin.  So not fair.  Don’t worry about the wheel, though.  She frequently gets stroked and spoken to as I pass so she is not lonely.   And the roving is so often fondled that I am expecting a restraining order any day now.

Here’s hoping for the predicted snow!!

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