Day off

Friday is my day off and I have big plans for today.  I am going to power through cleaning the house and getting groceries (one of my most dreaded chores- how can so little food cost so much?)  And then I am rewarding myself with a little knitting and spinning.  What?!  Did she say spinning?  YES! I did.

My new wheel

I received a lovely Lendrum spinning wheel for my birthday/Christmas from my hubbie.  How sweet of him to encourage yet another hobby (especially when he knows it will soon border on obsession).  It’s so exciting I can hardly stand it.  Lea-Ann has given me one lesson and I have spun a little of the lovely red tones roving that came with my wheel.  It is the most horrible looking yarn you have ever seen.  Thick and thin doesn’t even begin to describe it, but it is mine and I love it.  I am not a naturally crafty person and have the coordination of a drunk baboon so it will take a (somewhat long) while for me to produce anything consistent.

I have been told that I must give her a name.  I am pondering on it, but haven’t landed on anything definite.  We must get to know each other before we can be on a first name basis, don’tcha know.

Now, for the knitting.  I am finally knitting the felted door mitten that I absolutely had to have 2 winters ago.  I was an idiot and didn’t closely read the pattern first so this is actually my second go-round.  I was well over half finished the first time and realized that I was going to run out of yarn even though I had 60 extra yards.  How can this happen?  Well… when one double strands the yarn when one is not supposed to, it tends to eat up the yardage rather quickly.  So, I had to rip the whole thing out and start over.  Booger.  Closing in on the finish and should have it  felted by Sunday evening.  I am also working on the January DreamClub Yarn. This month is “Groovy” and the colorway is called “Alpine Flurry”.  It  just so happens that the colors match my daughter’s new coat.  She is not a hat person so I am making a scarf instead.  (I showed her this morning and she says “you know, mom, I’m not really much of a scarf person either.”  I told her she can wear it as an “accessory” (a word she learned from her older cousins this Christmas) and then she was all for it.  A scarf is so childish, but an accessory- well that’s a whole new grown-up ball game. )  I got through much of it at last nights DreamClub.  God bless bulky yarn.  Should be able to finish it today.  If I get off the computer and start cleaning.   And then slog to the grocery store, fill my cart, and saw off my left arm to pay so that I can hear my kids say (in a whiney, nasal tone) “there’s nothing to eat in this house.”  *sigh*

Can I get groceries in pajama pants?   Just wondering.

Happy Knitting all!

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  1. A lesson? Hah! I know nothing. I said we need to get in touch with Penny so she can give “us” a lesson. And, no, please don’t ask me how winding the warp and getting the loom dressed is going. Maybe next year . . . .

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